Sunday, April 25, 2010

Graham's Dedication

Today was Graham's Dedication at church. Baby dedication is when the parents commit, in the presence of the congregation, to raise the child in a Christian home and to nurture the child's spiritual development. In turn, the church commits to support the parents in this task. Randy and I consider the spiritual lives of our children to be extremely important so this was a very special day for us and for Graham.

The day started out well. Graham slept a solid 7 1/2 hours after his midnight feeding, so we were all fairly well rested. He woke up, ate, played a bit, and then took a nap. At that time Jack woke up. He was sweet and cooperative as we all ate breakfast and got ready for church. We even managed to get out the door on time, wearing new clothes, which had even been ironed! I was pretty excited!

As we sat down in the reserved pews, I just prayed that Graham would be his happy, calm self throughout the dedication. When Marty invited us to the front of the sanctuary, Randy carried Graham and I held Jack's hand. Then, it began. Jack started to whine that he wanted to be carried. Seeing as an outburst would not be good at that time, I obliged and picked up my giant three year old boy. As we took our places and Marty began speaking about the meaning of the dedication, Jack began to whine again. When I whispered that he needed to be quiet and listen to Mr. Marty, his whining became louder...and louder...and louder. I prayed for relief. FINALLY Marty finished his prayer and made a quick joke about having a new member to the choir and I was able to get out of that sanctuary! I must say, I haven't been that embarrassed in a long time! I am told he wasn't loud enough to distract anyone and some people didn't hear him at all. So that's good. And given the fact that he is a great kiddo who is such an awesome big brother, I suppose he had to give in to the terrible threes at some point. But, the timing was not great for me! I didn't get to hear much of what Marty said. I guess I should go back and watch the video. And I guess next time I need to pray for BOTH kids!

After church, we had lunch at our house with family and we all got to enjoy being with the boys. It was a nice way to celebrate Graham's day! He is such a sweet boy and I can't wait to watch him grow up and develop his relationship with Christ.

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