Sunday, November 30, 2008

Randy's Fantasy Football Drama

Randy and I are in a fantasy football league with all the siblings. We were watching the news yesterday when a ticker scrolled by saying that Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself while at a nightclub on Friday night! Wow, don't you hate it when that happens?! Randy sent out a text to all of us asking jokingly if anyone else had a player shoot himself this week. I liked Nick's response- "I have a few that should have!"

Dear God, Amen!

One of Jack's new favorite things to do is pray. Usually he listens to me pray at night before bed and adds his "Amen" at the end, but I've started catching him praying on his own: "Dear God, Amen!" Such a beautiful thing to hear! My little boy is so sweet.

Thanksgiving and Football and Stuff

We've had a great couple of weeks! Last weekend, Jack got to spend the night at Granny B. and Grandpa's for the first time! He had a blast, was a great little boy, and even renamed them Gigi and Papa! What a cutie. Funny how he just decided what to call all of his grandparents.

While Jack was living it up in Tulsa, Randy and I went to the OU/Texas Tech game with my parents and oh what a game that was! Possibly the most fun game I've ever been to, save the 2000 national championship in Miami. The team was pumped and so were the fans. What a great night!

On Thanksgiving day we headed to Nancy and Randy's house and ranch in Wetumpka. It was so much fun to hang out with family and Jack just loved seeing all the animals. He even got to see the little calves drink their bottles! We wanted to get him on a horse but didn't end up having time, due to Jack's long nap. We'll have to do that next time!

We spent all day yesterday putting up the Christmas decorations. Jack is in awe of it all. It's so much fun to see him experience the Christmas season. I hope we can teach him a little about the "reason for the season" as well. We even put up outside lights for the first time this year (actually we're not finished) and that is quite an experience! Randy decided that he has a fear of heights so there I was on the top of the ladder risking my life for icicle lights! Hope they turn out cute.

And to top off the long weekend, we spent Saturday evening watching OU beat up on OSU and Sunday waiting for the BCS results (after church of course). We're so excited that everything worked out for our Sooners! Can't wait for another shot at a national title!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dictionary of Jack's Words and Phrases

Now, Jack has a pretty big vocabulary for his age (not to brag or anything!) but he also has an entire language that I believe is only understood by Randy and I. Then of course he has another entire language of words that even we haven't deciphered yet (see phone conversation below). But anyway, here are a few that we do know:

Bebe (BEE-BEE)- either Grammy (my mom) or blankie
Doy- doing, as in "Wha Dada doy?"
DaYa- Dada
Gak- Jack
Beel- toothbrush
Mo- milk
Ball- either ball or help
BeeBye- either "rock-a-bye" or big step
Yo- shoe (I like when he says hi to his shoe- "Hi, Yo!!!")
PoEE- potty
Iii- six
Ehuh- seven
Bobo- Gymbo (the Gymboree clown)
Wawa- water
Nana- banana
Day Ennn- The end

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

I taught Jack this song the other day and he loves it! After we sang it a few times, he looked at me thoughtfully for a minute...then he got up and started gathering all of his stuffed monkeys and putting them in his bed! What a cutie!

New Adventures of the Old Blog

Well, we're moving back to our old blog! I don't have much to say for a first entry other than, Welcome! And here's a cute "Jackism" to keep you going until next time:

"Briiing, briiing!!"
(picks up the phone)
"Ungoh! Oh, hi Mumo! Ladlemeleadlbasdkf adljtoadkj aldkfjosldkfja! Bye-bye Mumo, love you, muwah!"
(hangs up the phone)