Sunday, January 27, 2008

Granny and Grandpa's Visit

Grandpa and Granny B. made the trip down the turnpike last weekend to see our new house and of course to play with Jack. Jack had a great day and enjoyed showing off his toys and his room. We had a blast! Here are some pics:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!

Jack has just been so much fun lately! He is getting so big (February 9 is just around the corner!!!) and is signing well and working on new words. He just loves playing and his favorite things right now are: pushing his train around the room, riding on his train, watching his Baby Einstein water DVD, playing in the bathtub, reading "Pat the Bunny," reading "Clifford," rolling the ball, playing peek-a-boo by hiding around the corner while we wonder "Where is Jack?," and his favorite thing is to be chased by Mommy and Daddy. When he gets caught we tickle him. He'll usually stop and look back if we don't catch him quickly enough just so that we can catch up. It is too precious.

We can't believe he will be turning one in just two short weeks but I guess they really do grow up quickly. We're working on weaning off of the bottle and using a sippy cup. Jack loves the cup but doesn't seem to get much out of it so it may take awhile!

Here are some recent pics of our little cutie:

Sporting his new OU gear

He looooves to sit in his rocking chair!

Sitting in his toy box

He hides behind this wall and then pops out to play peek-a-boo

Cute little hoodlem!

Sitting in his new car

Jack and Daddy

Jack and Mommy

Here he is sporting one of his bumGenius cloth diapers- we love them!

He loves to eat and now has a brand new high chair.

Jack loooooves watching Mommy dry her hair!

And he enjoys getting his hair dried as well.

Speaking of hair!!

We just thought this one was funny...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jack's First Christmas

Jack had a WONDERFUL first Christmas filled with family, fun, and of course many, many new toys! On Christmas Eve, we drove up to Tulsa to spend time with the Biggs side of the family at Granny and Grandpa's new house. Jack had a blast and was worn out on the drive home. On Christmas morning, Santa Clause came to Grammy's (since we hadn't moved yet) and that proved quite fun but a little overwhelming, too. We spent the afternoon at Mumo's house and Jack did very well and even took a good nap. All in all, it was a great day. By sharing Christmas with our child, Randy and I felt more blessed than ever this year.

Here are a few pics. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take very many, so if any Grammys or Grannys would like to email me more, I would appreciate it!