Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The latest

Well, it has been a hectic month so we apologize for the lack of updates, especially considering that there are a ton of things to update! Daddy accepted a new job in Oklahoma last month and we quickly put the house for sale, packed up, and moved into Grammy and Granddad's house while we figure everything out.

The Latest Jack News

- He rolled over for the first time a few weeks ago!! He rolled back to tummy but is now rolling both ways.
- He began sleeping through the night for 12 hours straight!! It is not consistent but he is doing it fairly regularly so great news for Mommy.
- He visited Granddad's office and met several co-workers- he especially liked the receptionist, Debbie, who couldn't wait to meet him.
- He cut four teeth and it looks like there are more coming soon. He is drooling all over the place and chewing on everything! He has to wear a bib all the time.
- He reached out for his Daddy to pick him up.
- He began holding his own bottle (not very well, but still...)
- He visited Granny B. and Grandpa's house for Father's Day.
- He was visited by Uncle Dan, "Aunt" Adrienne, and Aunt Hayley.
- He was baby-sat by his Uncle Kenny for the first time.
- He is learning how to co-exist with Jake, the rambunxious golden retriever puppy. He loves petting Jake and being licked in the face!
- He has some new toys that he loves- he especially loves his bouncy seat.
- He hung out with his friend, Maxton, at a barbecue.
- He attended a wedding reception for our cousin, Toby and his wife, Jessica.

Here are some of the latest pictures and we promise to keep up better!