Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Part 2

My boys and I had a great Sunday morning! We read our Bibles at home and then they looked their Easter baskets. They loved their activity books! We then went to Bridgeway and enjoyed another great sermon there. We spent the afternoon with Randy's family and the boys really enjoyed hunting for eggs and playing outside. 

Thankful for a Savior who was born not to be a good teacher, set an example, or enact social justice, but was born for the sole purpose of dying. He took on the suffering and absorbed the wrath that I fully deserve so that I may be free. "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1 That is good news!

"If Jesus of Nazareth did not literally and physically rise from the dead on Easter Sunday morning, any talk of hope and renewal and fresh dreams for the future is meaningless, empty, vain drivel at best and silly, destructive, deception at worst. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, the absolute maximum you can hope about 100 years of earthly life followed by...nothing...absolutely nothing." -Sam Storms

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Part One

Today we were able to celebrate Easter with some of my side of the family. The boys enjoyed seeing their Easter baskets and going on an Easter egg hunt! We missed cousin Jacob, who was sick with strep throat. :(

Monday, April 14, 2014

Camping, Dallas, and Great Wolf Lodge Getaway!

Randy and I decided it was time to get the big boys out of town so we took a long weekend, left the baby with BB and Grandad and headed south. We kicked off our trip with a night of camping at Lake Murray. The boys loved it. I barely survived. I am not sure if I hate camping or if I just always have bad luck when I am camping, but this particular time, our air mattress broke so that killed it for me right there! Oh well, it was worth it. We had a leisurely morning playing games and enjoying the playground before we headed for Dallas.

On Friday night, we went to Medieval Times. The boys were so excited to see "the battles" and they really did enjoy it. We cheered for the yellow knight who was not victorious but it was all good since the blue knight saved our entire kingdom. :) The food was atrocious and everything was expensive so I can't imagine going back or recommending it to anyone but again, the boys loved it so it was worth it.

We got to spend the entire day on Saturday with Hayley and Leah! Little Leah has grown so much since we saw her last and it was great to have so much time to play with her and snuggle her. We had lunch at a fun place called The Lot and then spent all afternoon at the Arboretum. What a fun place! It's beautiful and there is so much for the kids to do. The weather was perfect!

On Sunday, we went to Hayley's church, Watermark, where coincidentally one of our favorite speakers was giving the message. We've hear Greg Koukl speak live once before and he does not disappoint. We also enjoyed the worship at Watermark and found the church to be a sweet, welcoming community. After church, we headed to Great Wolf Lodge and spend the rest of the day and the next day swimming and sliding down crazy water slides. It was a blast! I cannot believe how fearless little Graham is. He rode down those huge slides over and over and over again and had the time of his life. So fun! Jack was a bit more timid as usual but he did the slides as well and had fun. He loved the wave pool and playing basketball in the pool!

It was nice having some time with the two big boys (and easy) but I sure did miss my sweet little Reid. I am so glad to have him back in my arms tonight! Love my boys!