Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jack and Graham's First Day of School

It is truly unbelievable how quickly summer flew by! I don't know if time speeds up because I am older or because I have more kids/chaos in my life but it seems like yesterday that I picked Jack up from his last day of Kindergarten. And today I not only have a first grader, I have a first grader and a preschooler!

Jack was a little nervous about school which is typical for him. He always loves it once he's there but has apprehension before the first day. Plus, he has reminded me numerous times this summer that he "HATES writing!!" Luckily he doesn't really hate writing, he just remembers kindergarten in an exaggerated fashion for some reason. He remembers sitting at his desk and "working" the "whole day!!" I'm pretty sure they played legos, ate lunch, snack, went to music, played outside, went to PE, etc. but this is what he has in his head. So I think he will like "working" once he remembers that so much of it is fun. He has lots of friends in his class. He has the best teacher (funny how we always hit the teacher jackpot at CCS! Wonder if it's because they are all so great? :) ). And his comment on his classroom was that it is "amaaaaazing!" He was especially impressed with the laptops that the students use. I am a bit emotional today as I think about going back into the routine of missing him all day every day. But I am so proud of my smart, brave little guy and can't wait to see what he learns and accomplishes this year!!!

Graham was not nervous about school. Graham has been counting down the days until he would be at the "big school with brother" for months. He really does just think he is big time now I guess there is no reason to be nervous when you know your big brother is right down the hall. I love that they get to be together! It is going to be so sweet for Jack to walk down and pick up Graham at the end of the day for carpool. Graham is only going to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the whole day. He has Ms. Donna whom we know well from church already and she is just wonderful. His assistant teacher is Ms. Nancy whom I did not know but have heard so many good things about! Today was just a half day for orientation. Graham enjoyed learning his "morning jobs" like where to put his backpack, lunch, folder, etc. He also liked reading to Max, who is a bear that lives in the classroom. :) They played with playdough, visited the music room and library, and just got generally acquainted with everything. He can't wait to go back on Tuesday for the real first day when he will get to bring his lunch and rest on his mat. I think school will be good for my sweet Graham. Just can't believe he's already there! Boo Hoo, Yahoo!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Reid is 10 Months!!

As if it were possible, Reid has gotten even sweeter and more fun than he was last month. I am so in love with this little guy! He has the best personality! Seriously, sweet is the best word to describe him. He is busy, smart, silly, destructive, cuddly, and energetic as well but mostly. just. sweet. He is easy going. He loves everyone. He likes to go places and to be with people. The slight clingy stage I mentioned last month passed within a week. He just loves life and he makes our lives better by being here!!

Milestones and Memories:
- Reid still loves baths and swimming! He basically just splashed continuously as hard as possible when he is in either the bath or the pool. If you are holding him in the pool, please wear goggles and a hat. :)
- He is the fastest crawler I have ever seen! Although he can pull up and cruise the furniture and even let go and stand unassisted, he really isn't all that interested in walking yet. In fact, he gets a little annoyed when we "make" him walk holding only one hand. However, that kid can crawl a million miles/hour. I can get a workout these days just following him around! 
- He can climb stairs now. This could be dangerous I'm sure but it's actually fun because it means he can play at the playground instead of sit in a stroller. He loves to climb up the stairs (with me trailing him of course) and then we slide down the slide together. 
- Swinging is still his number one favorite activity so I try to get to a park at least every day or two! We have a swing in the backyard but we like to get out. :)
- He has added one word to his vocabulary, making his grand total three. The new word? Grandad!! So now he says Dada, Bubba, and Grandad. Seriously, kid? No mama?? Oh well. It seems he's not quite as verbal as the other boys were at this age but we'll keep working on it.
- He knows two signs: more and all done. He loves to sign all done and gets very excited about getting out of his booster chair!
- He is eating lots of table food now. He loves chicken and most vegetables. He does well with most fruits and cheese. He tried blueberries for the first time yesterday and loved them!! He likes whole wheat pasta and bread. He still loves Puffs but we try to save those for a treat these days!
- He weighs 24 pounds and wears a size four diaper and size 12-18 month clothing. He wears a size 3 1/2 shoe, although his feet are a bit fat for them...
- He now has eight teeth which makes his smile even cuter. He loves to smile and laugh most of the day!
- He sleeps well at night, from 7pm until 7 or 7:30am. He naps well in the morning for an hour or two and usually again in the afternoon for an hour or two. However, the afternoon naps have been hit or miss lately. I think we are nearing the transition to one nap but he's not quite there yet. I will be glad for that day!! One longer nap in the middle of the day is really easier on mommy. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Fun

The boys and I have had a great summer! I really cannot believe it's flown by so fast! It was a bit different from last year in that Reid had us tied to home some with his nap schedule. But we made it work and got out whenever we could to swim, meet friends for playdates, go to the science museum, Dynamo playzone, library, etc. as well as exploring lots of new parks (which tends to be our favorite activity!) Here are a few pics from the last couple of weeks:

Reid playing with my Body Pump weights

Our "awards" for best mommy, best daddy, and two best brothers :)

Reid's Tunnel

Graham's version of Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe

At the science museum waiting to do the space ship!!

More science museum fun


My little guy at the Lake Hefner playground

Camp Hayley's

Jack and Graham spent a weekend at Hayley and Nick's house a few weeks ago. They were so excited to go they could hardly stand it!

Wish I could say they were equally excited to come home, but that was not the case! They had a blast riding the trolley, swimming, going to the science museum, building bears at Build A Bear, and playing games and watching movies with Aunt Hayley and Uncle Nick. Hope these kids know how blessed they are to have such a great aunt and uncle!

Family Lake Weekend 2013

This year's family reunion was one of the best yet. It was just a calm and relaxing time of all being together. The ONLY bad thing was that we were short a few people who weren't able to make it. :( It rained all day Friday which is usually a bad thing but it allowed us to pretty much all stay inside together for the day and just play games, eat, relax and be lazy. Good times!! The weather was great on the other days so we enjoyed the usual swimming and boating and the guys got to golf as well. In the evenings after the kids were in bed, us adults enjoyed wine and games, the feature game this year being Taboo. We had a blast even though the guys beat the girls most games! For a long weekend, it sure flew by fast! I am so thankful for my big family!
Graham coaxed Collin and Cody into playing Uno with him

 Sweety Reidy

Jack chillin' watching Madagascar

We girls talked baby names quite a bit!

Here are Graham and Nick playing Uno:

Graham is quite the gamer! Here he and Grandad are playing Guess Who

Everyone playing games!

Brooklyn kissing Reid

Brooklyn wanted to swim in the she did! And several others joined in!

Mumo and Papo brought a memory box full of pictures, letters, etc.


Time to hit the lake!

Brooklyn's first ride on the tube

Graham is an old pro. He kept wanting to go faster and faster!


My little golf cart driver

Birthday celebration for Randy, Adrienne, Judy and Mumo

We gave Mumo a memory book that Nancy put together, full of pictures from the anniversary party earlier in the summer. It was full of quotes from the speeches made by friends and family as well. Beautiful book!

And here is Graham playing another game...this time he is playing Sorry! by himself. :)