Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day, My Boys, and Pregnancy Update

We had a great Memorial Day weekend this year! It started out with a fun birthday party for Jack and Graham's sweet friend, Stella, on Friday night. Then on Saturday we spent the day at my parents' pool with Hayley and Nick. On Sunday the rest of the family joined us for swimming and a cookout. The boys are just relishing in the summer fun! The only downside of the whole weekend was that Hayley had an emergency appendectomy earlier in the week so she wasn't feeling stellar and wasn't able to swim. I was so glad she could be there though and we enjoyed laying out and chatting while watching the boys. Jack is becoming such a great swimmer! I am so proud of him. I thought we would want to do a couple refresher swimming lessons at the beginning of the summer but he really is doing well. He's remembering good technique when swimming and can also swim down to the bottom of the deep end now. He can float on his back and swim back stroke and is learning new tricks to do off of the diving board all the time. He's my little fish and I could even see putting him on a swim team at some point. He's really looking forward to our first lake trip in a couple of weeks and says he is going to try to ski. We'll see! I think I was six when I first attempted it and seven when I really skied so he's starting early! Graham has always been a water baby. He uses his puddle jumpers (best product EVER) and is very independent in the water. BB and Grandad bought him a little Nemo toy that could keep him entertained all day in the pool. Graham is growing up so fast all of the sudden. He is stringing together so many sentences now and it amazes me that every day he talks more than the day before. He continues to be a riot not only in what he says but in the looks he gives us. I don't think anyone in the world can make Randy and I smile like Graham can. He has a gift that way and I really can't wait to see how God plans on using it. He has become obsessed with Thomas the Train. Jack likes Thomas now too, but Graham is particularly attached to his Thomas toys and books. He likes to push his little engine "down the tracks." Just now, as he's supposed to be going to sleep, I can hear him saying to his train across the room, "Thomas, can you hear me???!!!" He can name all of the other engines as well and this has been helpful for us in teaching him his colors, which he refused to learn until recently! Sometimes I think we don't give him credit for being as smart as Jack but he certainly is. They are both so smart but in different ways. Jack is very curious, very intent on learning every detail, and very focused on being right and knowing as much as he can. Graham really only focuses on something if he's particularly interested in it and even if he knows the right answer, he likes to say something silly instead to get a laugh. He does enjoy being praised though so he impresses us with his knowledge when he can. As for me, at 22 weeks pregnant, I am still suffering from morning (which is really all day) sickness! It really is not pleasant and I can't believe it's hanging on so long this time! It isn't every day anymore so I do think it's slowing down but really, this is ridiculous. On the days with no nausea, I feel great! I am sleeping pretty well still and have plenty of energy on most days. The exhaustion that I felt the first 16 or so weeks has let up and I'm able to stay up later at night which is nice as Randy and I have time to spend together now. I am starting to feel big but my weight gain is pretty much on track with the other pregnancies (maybe slightly higher this time). I am feeling baby kick lots now. He is very active and I think pretty soon we'll be able to see him move! I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and we haven't done a thing to prepare for his arrival. Life is busy with two active boys already but it will all come together at some point! I can't wait to meet baby Reid!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring Program and More Soccer

Jack's preschool put on a very sweet spring program this year. He did great and was so cute up there! Unfortunately we didn't get a very good video this time but here are some pics:
The soccer season was so much fun this year! It's amazing how much better the kids played this year at five vs. last year at four. They had so much fun and we really enjoyed watching them. I'm so glad Jack was able to participate in a fun sport with good friends.

Last Day of Pre-K

Jack's last day of pre-k was Thursday! it is so bittersweet to say goodbye to preschool and begin looking forward to kindergarten next year! Jack had such a wonderful year and was blessed with sweet teachers and great friends. He has grown and learned so much over the year. His teachers made a binder for us filled with work from throughout the year and I love seeing how he has improved in writing, coloring, drawing, etc. He has also mastered holding a pencil correctly and is beginning to be able to read. We are so proud of him and are loving watching him grow up and mature. I will say it makes me a little sick to my stomach to think about sending my baby off to school all day every day next year, though. :( Thankfully he goes to a wonderful school and we know he'll be in great hands! Here is a picture of the first day of school and the last day:
And of course Graham didn't want to leave without having his picture taken as well!

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a...

BOY!!!!!! And we couldn't be more excited! The ultrasound was just wonderful yesterday. The minute the tech put the camera on my stomach, Randy and I both saw clearly that it was a boy. The tech said, "I think you all already know, but I'm going to wait until the end to tell you." I didn't want to be too sure just in case but was already overjoyed. The best part though was seeing everything measure exactly right, seeing the four chamber heart, five fingers on each hand, etc. What a blessing to have a healthy baby. I am so thankful. I commented to Randy halfway through that this baby wasn't sucking his thumb like the other two. But I spoke too soon because a few minutes later, there went his hand right to his face and stayed there the rest of the time! Just like a Biggs boy. :) Of course we would have loved a girl too, but I really feel complete with my sweet boys and feel like I was always meant to be a mom of boys. I can't wait to meet baby Reid and see how his personality is similar/different to the other boys. I hope they will grow up to be the closest of friends! Randy and I decided to surprise the boys after school with cupcakes that had blue filling inside. Jack was very anxious to find out and had actually been praying for a girl so I was just hoping he wouldn't be completely heartbroken. The cupcake must have softened the blow because he took the news well when he discovered the blue icing and was very excited! Graham was happy to have a cupcake but other than that showed no signs of having any clue about what was going on. :) I think he's in denial about not being the baby anymore but I have a feeling he will love being a big brother once it happens!