Thursday, May 22, 2014

Last Day of School

Talk about bittersweet moments! Tears were shed today as the boys spent their last day at CCS. We have been so blessed by this school. It is so exciting to begin a new journey and I know it is the best decision for us right now, but it is still hard to leave such a sweet place where people have loved your children and taught them about Christ's love for them. Jack has been counting down the days until the end of school because he is tired of "work, work, work!" but today he was so sad. He doesn't like change and he is really going to miss Mrs. Richards. I cried with him but am thankful that he had a teacher worthy of those feelings. Here's to new beginnings!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jack's School Year

Jack's teacher was so sweet to send home a CD with all of the pictures she has taken this year. We are very thankful to CCS for all Jack has learned and how he has been loved. Here are a few highlights from Jack's first grade year:

Reid's Last Day of MDO

Last week was the last for Reid's Mother's Day Out at Crossings. He had such a fun year with his sweet teachers, Miss Kari and Miss Theresa! He really does love "school" and is going to miss it. We are so thankful for his teachers and the time that MDO has given me this year. I know I will miss it next year!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Jack's Final Soccer Game

Well the Blizzard wrapped up their season today. Jack had a great time being a part of this team and they really did learn so much and have so much fun. They are a talented group of kids and are starting to really understand the game. Jack in particular seems to excel at defense. He plays great defense on the field and also plays goalie well when he gets the chance. I am so proud of him!