Saturday, March 17, 2007

5 Weeks

Jack turned 5 weeks old yesterday, man how time flies when you're not pregnant! He started to become pretty fussy about a week or so ago- really bad crying spells, acting like his tummy hurt, etc. We feared it might be the dreaded "colic" since he seemed to be easily soothed by things like riding in the stroller or the car. However, after this continued a few days and he started to not sleep very well, we decided to take him to the doctor on Thursday. The doctor thinks he is having some acid reflux and gave him a prescription to help. After giving Jack the medicine for just a couple of days, the change is amazing! He is so much happier and eating and sleeping much better. I am so glad that this seems to be working, and can only hope that he continues to feel better. Now he's smiling and cooing away!

Here are some more pics- it's amazing how many pictures we take per day!

Jack tries out his new head "positioners." He usually leans to the right to the point where it looks like he's going to break his neck!

Jack on a picnic

Daddy and Jack on a picnic in the front yard

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A month old... can you believe it??

It's been one month, and he's already gained about 2 inches and 2 pounds... hence the chubby cheeks. He had a really busy weekend and got to meet all sorts of new friends and family. Plus, he had a great shower and now has enough clothes to fill his closet. We hope to see everyone again soon. In the meantime, here's some pictures to tide you over:

Jack in his boppy chair... again

Hasn't quite grown in to those pants... check back next week

Mom and Jack

Four generations

Jack and his aunt Judy

Jack and Cody shaking hands

Jack and his new friend, Maxton in their OU gear

Asleep on dad's chest

And... he's out

So many questions...

Under the play station

Getting some cheeks now

Just plain cute

Stretching it out on the changing table

Out cold

Making faces with "uncle" Dustin

You go out, mom. I'll be fine.

The shirt says it all

It's tiring being me