Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrection Party

Jack's class celebrated Jesus' resurrection on Thursday by eating lots of cookie cake and jelly beans. Although sugar causes Jack to go nuts and I think there must be some other way to celebrate, I am of course very glad that his teachers place such an emphasis on teaching the story of our salvation. Jack has been talking about Jesus and the cross and asking us lots of questions so I know this has been a focus in school. And it was fun to see him with his friends! They had a great time!

Side note: I tried to limit Jack's jelly beans by telling him he needed to save some for later and he should finish his strawberries. He then told me, "I want you to go." :( Sad mom moment. He knew he could have all the candy in the world if only I weren't there...

Our Little 15 Month Old

Graham is fifteen months old today! He has been growing and changing so much over the past few months, it is hard to keep up with all of the milestones. One thing that is consistent is that he is always moving and always keeping me on my toes! This little guy isn't afraid of anything and he is FAST! I literally can't turn my eyes for a second or else I look back to find him standing on the coffee table about to jump, halfway up a ladder at the park, or inches away from the street. He's a wild one and a happy one and we are just so thankful that God has entrusted him to us.

Graham's language has simply exploded over the past couple of months! He went from saying two or three words to saying so many that I've lost count. Some that I can think of off the top of my head: baby, hi, cracker, thank you (tankoo), I love you, banana, cheese (for pictures), down (as a command, to Baker :)), Grandad, BB, Gigi, Papa, Papo, Mumo, and Jack.

He's also loving to make animal sounds. He makes the funniest noise in an attempt to snort like a pig! He knows that cows say moo, dogs say ruff, and horses say neigh.

He likes to sing along to the song, The Wheels on the Bus, and do the motions. It is very cute! He just sings, "Round and round and round and round...."

He is now tall enough and smart enough to open all of the doors in our house. This has caused some near disasterous events, but we've gotten into the habit of making sure all doors are locked at all times now!

He likes to look at books. Usually he just opens his book and points to the baby, "BABY!!!!" and closes it, but we're working on it!

He is becoming even more attached to his blue blankie and likes to snuggle it whenever he slows down long enough to do so.

I'm not exactly proud of this one, but he loves TV. Jack has been obsessed with Toy Story 2 and Graham is a fan as well. We limit it of course, but that silly guy would sit there all day if he could!

He is beginning to work on becoming a two year old in the sense that he likes to throw fits when he doesn't get his way. I think being the baby of the house, he has been sliiiiiiiiiightly spoiled so we are working on using words and signs as opposed to whining. He does well when he knows the word for what he wants, but he has a bit of a temper when we don't give it to him immediately!

He's a climber! I'm praying we can keep him in the crib for awhile but I'm scared that it won't be long before he "breaks out."

He is just so sweet. Tonight I was rocking him and singing songs. He just looked at me with a sweet smile and said, "hi!" I said "hi" and he just died laughing. We repeated that for awhile (I'm sure he was trying to distract me so that I would forget that it was bedtime) and then I said, "okay, time for night night" and he said, "bye-bye!" Such a little angel. I love him!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jack's Spring Music Program

Last week, Jack's class put on a music program and it was so sweet! I just love watching my sweet little guy show off what he has learned. He really loves singing and is so proud of himself when he can do all the motions. Every time he saw me, he just gave me the cutest smile and I could tell he was so excited to show off for me...and Daddy, BB, and Grandad!

(He's standing next to his best buddy, Austin).

Here's a Boy who Likes to Eat!

The Boys

I'm a Soccer Mom!

Jack is playing on the Crossings league on a team (the Bears) with several of his friends. So far he is really enjoying it! I must say it is pretty fun watching the kiddos on the field (even if most of our games are at 8am!!) Jack spent most of the first game lying on the field. Like, literally lying on the field. Apparently he was tired. We had a practice the next week though and he really started to understand the game and even scored a goal! At the last game, he was running hard after the ball the whole time. Most of our team even knew which goal was ours! We are slowly improving! :) Since our games are so early, Mommy and Graham are spending a lot of the time just trying to stay warm...

Lake Hefner

Of course I'm behind on blogging again!! Life has been exceptionally busy this year with teaching and Arbonne being added to my primary job of mothering. Thankfully, I am going to be able to quit teaching after the school year ends. I love Crossings but was simply not ready to be away from my children that much. I'm not sure I ever will be!

Last month, Randy and I took the boys to Lake Hefner for some family time. Jack loves to climb down the big rocks so that he can skip the little rocks along the water. Graham loves being outside in general and his favorite thing to do is to run in the opposite direction of wherever we want him to be. This time that meant he was running straight toward the water most of the time. That little guy is a handful! I sure do love my boys!