Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hotels and B&B's in McKinney

You all probably know some hotels in or around Dallas from the OU/texas games, but those might not be as close as you want to be. I'm including a list here of McKinney hotels and B&B's... McKinney is known for its antiques, small boutiques, and B&B's, so if you want to make a vacation of it, feel free. Click the picture to make it bigger.

Friday, January 12, 2007

9 Months

Wow, we are now officially into the ninth month of pregnancy! I am sooooo glad that this is almost over. I just can't wait to meet baby Jack. I am still feeling good for the most part, although I am not sleeping very well anymore so that causes some exhaustion during the daytime.

On Tuesday, we had our 3D ultrasound and got to see little Jack- he is so cute! We could see that he has some hair on his head already (which means Kristin won the debate- Randy thought he would be bald!) Also, he looked quite chubby and is measuring at 5 1/2 lbs. That puts him nearly two weeks ahead so we may get to meet this guy in three weeks instead of five (one can only hope!) And he has the most pronounced and pouty lips which Randy calls "Marilyn Monroe lips." Where did those come from?! The ultrasound tech seemed to think he had a perfect little nose- she went on and on about it. Jack obviously is very playful as he kept playing peek-a-boo by covering his face with his hands anytime she tried to snap a picture.

As for the important stuff, the doctor said that Jack looks perfect, has the perfect amount of fluid around him, and is still head down and ready for delivery. We are ready whenever he is!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas Break 2006

This Christmas break we were originally scheduled to go to Rome. We were going to head off right after Christmas with a bunch of students from Kristin's Latin class, and we would have gotten back today. After we discovered that little Jack would be joining us, it seemed a good idea to cancel, so we ended up in good ole Oklahoma instead. It was a heck of a difficult decision to make... after all, who wants to give up a free trip to Europe? After the three-hour drive back from OKC took its toll on my lovely eight-months-pregnant wife, I think it's safe to say that cancelling the 13-hour flight was a pretty good idea.

Christmas was fantastic, and probably just the thing we needed. It gets a little lonely when you can't go out to a smoky bar, you get tired after 9:00, and you live at least an hour away from all of your closest friends and family. We got to spend a worry-free week with all of our friends and both families. Christmas is always our favorite time of the year anyway, and being with family for so long just made it that much better. Kristin tells me that my writing stinks, so how about some pictures...

Pat and Terri on Christmas Eve

Mumo and Papo and the mountain of presents

Ryan and Sylwester visiting from Philly

Hayley and Kristin - Christmas Day

Papo's retirement party

Sarah, Kristin, and Randy at Red Rock Canyon Grill

Hayley and Daniel - Christmas Eve

Randy and Matt playing "Battle of the Sexes"

Ron filling out names for Dirty Santa

Jake and his new toy