Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jack's "Floop-Flops"

Jack has a favorite pair of shoes. He came across some flip-flops, which actually used to belong to my brother, and now they are all he'll wear! He calls them "my floop-flops!"

My sister, Hayley, used to have a favorite pair of shoes around this age. They were black patent leather shoes, which she referred to as "my black 'n patens!" The funny thing about it though was that every night my parents would put the shoes away in the closet and put Hayley in bed. But every morning when they went to get her, there she was in bed wearing the black 'n patens! She loved those shoes so much that she would get up and put them on before dozing off. It was pretty cute.

Well, guess what I found when I went to wake up Jack from a nap the other day? See for yourself:

Guess he takes after his Aunt Hayley a little bit!

Mommy's Belly

I'm a little behind. These were taken at 14 weeks (about 2 weeks ago). Jack wanted to join in!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recent Pictures of my Sweet Pea

Here is Jack after he came across Mommy's ipod the other day. I think he's listening to Chris Tomlin's "Indescribable," although if he had it his way he'd be listening to "God of this City."

Here he is after coming across Uncle Daniel's old cowboy boots in his closet:

And here he is with his portable DVD player. He is usually only allowed to watch it in the car (on long car trips) so maybe that's why he got in his car?

Trip to Austin

Last weekend, Randy and I drove down to Austin for a friend's wedding. Lynn and I were roommates our freshman (and only) year at Baylor way back when. We had so much fun that year and have managed to keep in touch, although not as well as we should. It was so nice to be there for her big day!

It was also nice for Randy and I to get away without the little one for a change. We were able to spend two six hour drives talking and listening to our favorite podcast, Stand to Reason. If you've never listened, you must check it out. Greg Koukl is a top notch Christian Apologist and he offers great insight on all matters related to faith and ethics. He also has great discussions with callers, some of whom are Christians with questions, some who are of other faiths and offer challenges. Anyway, it's always interesting and Randy and I feel strongly that all Christians should be informed about these issues so that they are well equipped to discuss their faith with others.

We also had time to catch a play, some great meals, and work out at the hotel gym. All in all, a fun trip! And Jack had a blast with both sets of grandparents. We looked at it as a bit of a trial run, as Randy and I have a 7 night cruise planned for September and are a bit nervous to leave the little guy for that long. He was happy as a clam for two nights so hopefully that's a good sign!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Growing Belly

Wow, it seems like my belly is growing really fast this time around! The good part is that it's nice to look pregnant and not just fat, which is how I felt last time at the beginning. The bad part is that I didn't own any summer maternity clothes since I didn't have to wear then until 16 weeks last time. I've been in them since 7 weeks this time! Luckily a good friend was kind enough to lend me hers. Here are two pictures, the first was taken at 10 weeks and the second at 12 1/2 weeks. As far as I know, there is only one baby in there! But I will be reconfirming that at the next ultrasound. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Daddy and Jack- OU Alma Mater

Here is a video of Randy trying to get Jack to sing the OU Alma Mater. Sometimes he can do it, but sometimes he gets so confused he just sings the same line over and over! Either way, it's always sweet. He's definitely Sooner born and Sooner bred!

4th of July

What a crazy 4th! It was overcast all day and the storm finally hit right as we finished our outdoor barbecue. Luckily we got everything inside in time! Here are a few pics from the time we did spend outside.

P.S. Don't Daniel and Adrienne look like naturals in the pic with the kiddos? Jack is really ready for some cousins!! :)

More Swimming!

Because what else is there to do when it's 100 degrees outside every day? Jack is really enjoying the pool and is attempting to jump off the diving board now, thanks to his friend, Kaden, who is an old pro at it. Jack hasn't officially jumped by himself but he's working up the nerve!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jack's New Tricks

Jumping into the pool and swimming by himself!

Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day a couple of weeks ago! We spend the morning/early afternoon at Randy's brother's house with Kenny, Gigi, and Papa. Then we spent the afternoon at my parent's house. I am so thankful for my dad, my grandpas, my father-in-law, and my husband. What a blessing to have such wonderfu men as role models for my son. I love you guys!

We also pulled Jack out of the pool long enough for Jack to have his hair cut for the first time. My sweet baby curls are gone, but hopefully he won't get called a girl as much now.

Here is Jack taking a little break from swimming to snuggle with Mommy:

Swimming at Baby Parker's

Our good friends, Tiffany and Jason, happen to also be our neighbors. They have a sweet little guy, Parker, who is almost a year old now. Anyway, Tiffany bought a baby pool for Parker to play in and once in awhile they invite Jack over to join in the fun. He just loves it! He loves swimming to begin with but he's also fascinated by "babies" and loves playing with them and especially mimicking them and trying to communicate. Hopefully the boys will stay great friends as they grow up. Here are a few pics: