Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dallas Trip Part 4- Sunday

On Sunday, we got up early and before heading back to OKC, we drove to McKinney to visit our old church. McKinney Fellowship Bible Church was such a blessing to us when we lived there. It is how we got connected with many of our friends and it was Jack's first church home. We miss so many things about McKinney but McFBC is definitely at the top of the list!

Saturday Continued

After nap-time on Saturday, we headed back to Michelle's for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. The kids had so much fun playing together outside and we got to relax a bit and watch the Final Four. All in all, a good ending to a good trip.

Dallas Trip Part 3- Saturday

On Saturday, we all got up early and headed downtown to the Dallas World Aquarium. While the aquarium itself was awesome, the experience was not great. Jack, as usual, was pretty unimpressed by seeing animals up close. He was much more interested in pushing his stroller, which meant running it into things and people. Needless to say, we left a bit early. Maybe we'll try it again someday...

Friday Continued

On Friday afternoon/evening, we checked into our hotel for nap-time, headed to Wiggly Play Center for some fun, and then ended the evening with dinner at Gatti Town. It was a day in toddler heaven!