Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun Beginning to Summer!

We are having such a great summer so far! We have been swimming, played at parks and splash pads with friends, attended VBS, gone to the lake, birthday parties, etc. Jack caught his very first fish, Graham is swimming without floaties, and Reid is now sleeping in a big boy bed! I am loving all of this free time to just enjoy the boys but not loving that they are growing up so fast.

Last Day of School

I can't believe it! We survived our first year of homeschooling. And, I have to say, it was much easier than I thought it would be. Of course we had rough days and it was definitely a transition for us, but overall it was so freeing and I loved seeing my boys grow and learn each day. This year Graham, learned to read, Jack learned division, Graham learned subtraction and fractions, and Jack learned quite a bit of Latin. We read so many great books together. We did science experiments. We visited so many places and spent so much time outside exploring and playing. The boys became more responsible because they had time to do chores and take on jobs around the house for me. They also became more independent as they had to self pace their own work and find out how they work best. We were even able to take breaks and vacations as needed and we could just pick back up where we left off! We developed new friendships and had so much more time to spend time with old friends as well. In fact, Jack has a new best friend who has been an answered prayer for our family. Overall, I would say God blessed us immeasurably on this new journey. We are happy for a break but we're looking forward to the fall!

Mother's Day

I was so blessed by my boys on Mother's Day. I am so lucky.