Monday, November 29, 2010

Trimming the Tree

Well, we didn't accomplish much with the children helping, but it was fun and they looked cute!

Being Three

I miss being three, when just being under a table was enough to make the day fun!

The Train

My parents surprised the boys this weekend by setting up my brother's old train out in the cabana. They loved it! Jack liked to figure out all the controls while Graham just squealed with joy!

Thanksgiving in Wetumpka

We spent Thanksgiving in Wetumpka, Oklahoma at my aunt and uncle's ranch this year, for what I think was our third year in a row. I can't even tell you how much Jack looks forward to this day each year. In fact, he refers to it not as Thanksgiving, but as "Collin and Cody Day!" Actually, Jack does lots of thinking about what he is thankful for (namely Graham this year) and who he is thankful to for all of his blessings, but he also just so enjoys seeing the animals and riding Trigger. This year was no exception!

Graham enjoyed his first Thanksgiving experience as well! He loves being around family and just thrives on all of the attention. He rode Trigger himself, even if only for a minute. He doesn't like to be left out of anything!

Randy and I have so much to be thankful for. I think we were just overwhelmed this year more than ever by how God has blessed us, not just with the material things we have, but with His grace and mercy in our lives. We are so grateful for His love and simply for the truth of who He is and therefore who we are. This year has been very eventful in wonderful and terrible ways and we are just thankful for a God who is in control of all circumstances, forever working in us, helping us grow to be more like Him.

Graham vs. The Penguin

Applause, Please!

Graham is loving to clap lately...all the time...for everything! He also likes climbing into plastic tubs...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jack's Music Program

Last Thursday, Jack's preschool class put on a Thanksgiving/Christmas program. It was simply precious. They sang songs of thanksgiving and praise to God along with some fun holiday tunes. Jack was hilarious- on some songs he sang every word louder than anyone else, doing all the hand motions, while on one or two, he literally stood there looking bored, and even yawned during one. I guess he has his favorites! I have to admit I teared up a bit when I heard those precious little voices singing, "God is so good." What blessings these three year olds are!

Happy Boys

Let's Do Lunch

Monday, November 22, 2010

Graham is 10 Months Old!!

I know I say this every month, but wow, time is flying with this little one! I feel like I just posted the nine month update yesterday! We are seeing more and more of Graham's sweet (and ornery) personality each day. He is such an easy going guy and for the most part he is always happy. However, beginning last month and into this one, he has begun displaying his ornery side a bit more. He likes to get into everything, especially whatever Jack is playing with at the moment. He understands completely when we say, "No thank you, Graham!" But, he usually responds by looking at us with a wry smile and then going back to the exact task he was not supposed to be doing! Hmmmm... He's also proving to be a bit impatient at meal time. We give him a few bites at a time on his tray. Those bites are usually gone within about 2 seconds and he immediately goes into "aaaaaaaaaah" mode. And when he's all done? Everything goes directly onto the floor!

Our new nickname for Graham (for reasons that are obvious) is Destructor. Only you have to be sure and say it very loudly, as if it were the name of a professional wrestler being introduced on the loudspeaker. Kind of like DEEE STRUC TOOOOOOR! Jack has also simply been calling him "Trouble" lately.

Despite his destructive tendencies, Graham continues to be so sweet that he just melts our hearts. He still loves to follow Jack around and imitate his every move. The two of them like to play under the kitchen table, just making faces and noises at each other. He has a couple of new favorite games. One is peek-a-boo. He'll go behind the couch or some other furniture and wait for you to say, "Graham...where are you?" Then he'll pop his little head out with the biggest toothy grin you've ever seen. He's also begun clapping...all the time...for everything. Every time someone does something he likes, he claps. It is very cute!

As for activities, Graham really likes rolling the ball, banging the keys on the piano, being tickled by Jack, and of course he still loves the bath. He likes when we blow bubbles and tries to pop them. He has also grown very attached to his blue blankie. When we put him into his bed, he immediately grabs it and smushes it all around to get it just how he likes it, then burrows his head into it. When he's not in bed, he'll usually go over to the crib and pull it out. When he gets it, he squeals very loudly, goes a little nuts, and burrows his head into it!

For some reason or another, I offered Graham a pacifier this month. He has never liked it before. He likes it now. Which means we have to have a million of them and they are always missing. Awesome.

Graham is an old pro at walking now! His record for most steps at a time is around 17 or 18. He just walks more and more each day!

He now has eight teeth!

I'm sure there is much more we would love to remember about this age, but that's all I can come up with right now! We love our Graham-a-lam!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew 1:7-11- A Recitation

Jack just loves reciting Bible verses! I know people probably watch this and think we push him to memorize this stuff. We don't, I promise! We do read to him out of the Bible, but it just happens to be something that he loves and that amazing brain he has just soaks it all in!

I'm a little scared about the fact that he's already so much smarter than I am...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Halloween was super fun this year with our two superheroes! Jack really enjoyed having "BIG MUSCLES!!!" in his Spiderman costume and although Graham had no clue what was going on, he played the part of Superbaby pretty well, as always! BB and Grandad came over to eat dinner and watch the trick-or-treating. They helped the boys get into their costumes (Mommy was glad to hand off that job...) and went with us to a few houses before coming back to the house to hand out candy. Randy, the boys, and I met up with Tiffany, Nicole, and Parker for a little while. Unfortunately, Parker was deathly afraid of Spiderman so that union didn't last too long! From then on out, our boys rode in the wagon to get from house to house. Jack loved going to the doors and as usual, he was more excited to say hi and get to know the people who lived there than he was about the candy. Graham applauded Jack after each successful nabbing of a treat! He was all too happy to watch from the wagon, not even realizing he was missing out on anything. What a sweet pair!

Fall Festival

We had a busy last week in October! On the 28th, Crossings held a fall festival for the kids. It was wonderful! First we ate a (free) dinner while being entertained with live music. Then we headed down the church hallways and played all kinds of games. Jack's favorite was trying to get a toilet paper roll into a goal. He was supposed to roll it, but being his innovative self, he decided to kick it instead and it went right in! After going through tunnels, throwing darts at balloons, riding scooters, etc. we headed to the gym where there were giant inflatable slides and obstacle courses set up. This was fun for Jack AND Mommy since Jack was nervous to go alone. My little Spiderman and Superman sure had a great time and Mommy and Daddy came home exhausted! I guess that's what it's all about, right?