Monday, August 27, 2007

Six Month Checkup

Jack had his well visit today and did great. He had to have FOUR shots though, so the whole office got to hear how healthy his lungs are! The dr. deemed Jack "advanced" in his gross motor skills so we have something new to brag about. :) And surprise, surprise, he's still a big guy! He is 28 inches tall (95th percentile) and 19 lbs. 5 oz. (75th percentile.) He just keeps growing! Oh, and the dr. also said he's cute.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

On the Move

Well, Mr. Jack is on the move. He has been sitting up for several weeks now and just in the past few days he has started to crawl! Right now he's just army crawling, he still needs to figure out how to really move his arms, but he is getting where he needs (wants) to go. We are really going to have to do some serious baby proofing now- I thought I had more time!

Jack has also made his way through most of the Gerber Stage 1 foods and is such a good eater. He LOVES peas, green beans, and rice cereal, likes squash and sweet potatoes, and is not a big fan of carrots or any of the fruits. It seems like most babies favor the fruits but Jack has never been like all the other babies!

We are still in a teething phase, but have yet to see a tooth. Jack is having mostly good days but some days I can tell his mouth is really hurting. Poor guy- hopefully a tooth will break through soon.

Mommy started back to work this past week and Jack is really doing well with it. I'm only gone for three hours in the morning and he has a fantastic baby-sitter whom he really loves. He also stays with Grammy some days.

We have our six month check up tomorrow- can't wait to see how much Jack has grown. I'm thinking he's still in the 98% for height and maybe he's up there in weight this time too.

Jack's Froggy Towel

He loves to suck that thumb!

Playing in his new playroom at Grammy and Grandad's house

A little drool never hurt anyone...

Mommy and Jack after church (we actually made it to church!)

Trying to crawl

He made it to the toy basket!

Happy Baby

He loves to roll the ball

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Jack's Favorite Thing

Lounging in the tub.

Teething and Portraits and Squash, oh my!!

Jack is officially TEETHING, aughh! Actually, I don't know how official these things really are but he has all the classic symptoms, including my least favorite- "frequent night waking." Needless to say, we have our hands full with little Jack these days. Hopefully he'll get these first ones in soon and we'll have our happy guy back!

Today Grammy and I took Jack to have his 6 Month pictures made. He did pretty well considering the current state of things. No crying at all, but we couldn't get a smile either. I'm sure the pictures will be cute anyway, how could they not be?!

Recently Jack started eating solid foods for the first time! I can't believe he is so big! He absolutely loves green beans and squash but he really wasn't a fan of the rice cereal (who can blame him?) Here are some pics of some of the first tastes...