Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Well, I'm almost 18 weeks along and can't believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by! We will find out this Thursday whether we're having another sweet little boy or adding a precious girl to the family! I cannot wait to know. It will really make the pregnancy feel "real" and make our family feel complete to know whether we'll have three boys or two boys and a girl. I honestly have no inklings either way, not that it matters since my instincts have been wrong both times. :) As for how I'm feeling, I am feeling better. I am not all the way through the sickness yet which is disappointing but I feel like I'm toward the end of it. Most days are good but I still have some really sick days (usually evenings) in the mix. The baby does not seem nearly as active as my other two. Maybe that's a good thing? :) I honestly have worried a bit because I don't feel much movement. I know it's early but both boys were VERY active and easy to feel (even for Randy) at this point. He has felt this baby kick but it is certainly less noticeable and less often. I will be happy to see the ultrasound and verify that baby is growing and thriving in there! We think we have settled on names. I really wanted to have names picked out when we found out the gender so that we could go ahead and start calling him/her by name right away (no more "it!"). As of now, a girl will be named Sylvie Kaye and a boy will be Reid William. So excited to find out which one it will be!!Photobucket

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Jack told me the other day that Easter morning was his favorite day of the year and that he couldn't wait until next year. This was so touching to me because in our family, we are really focusing on the meaning of Easter and although we did hunt eggs, we are not pretending there is a bunny or anything like that. So it surprised me a bit that my five year old enjoyed this day enough to put it above his birthday and Christmas! But I'm thankful that he felt the joy of the day and that he understood the significance of what Jesus did for us. Easter becomes more and more meaningful to me each year that passes, possibly because every year I realize even more how sinful I am and how lost I would be without the grace of God. Through Christ, Randy and I have seen such grace, redemption, and forgiveness in our relationship with each other, with family, and with friends. Without His death and resurrection, none of those things exist. There would be no hope. The gospel is such GOOD news and I pray we can glorify God every day so that He will be made known!

On Friday evening, the boys (well, Jack) dyed Easter eggs. He just loves this! Graham really just wanted to sit and play with the Easter ducky who does the chicken dance. :)

On Saturday evening, we went to my parents' house for dinner and for the boys to hunt eggs and see their Easter surprises. Jack was thrilled to FINALLY get a "Zurg" toy. Zurg is the bad guy from Toy Story. Apparently he is also the coolest toy ever. The boys both really enjoyed the egg hunt as it was outside and there were tons of eggs! They did a great job finding them and then had some fun swinging on the tire swing.

I am so thankful that I actually felt well on Easter Sunday. I had some pretty rough days on Friday and Saturday so it was a welcome change and that allowed me to really enjoy the day at church and with family. We got up early that morning and Randy read through the last few chapters of Luke with Jack. We asked Jack, "Why do we call it "good" Friday? Isn't it bad that Jesus died?" He incredulously said, "He died so that I could live with him forever! That's GOOD!" Smart kiddo, that one. :) Then we woke Graham and took the boys to the living room where they had Easter baskets and a few simple gifts. Jack especially loved his Toy Story flip flops and Graham loved his new book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. He is OBSESSED with letters and already knows all of his letters so I knew he would love this sweet classic.

After that, the boys "hunted" eggs, although really they just found one egg each and wanted to eat the jelly beans that were inside. They had no interest in scouring the room for more eggs when what they needed was right there! Graham especially was not interested in this.

After that, we headed to church for a wonderful service and then drove to Tulsa and spent the rest of the day with Randy's family. It was so fun for the boys to play with their soon to be cousin, Hailey and their (second?) cousins, Parker and Ty. The kids played with water guns, rode bikes, and played soccer. They also made cupcakes and hunted for eggs. Everything is fun at Gigi and Papa's house!

Such a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Ugh. That's pretty much all I can say about the first trimester! This pregnancy has been no different from the others in that I have been so sick and so tired from six weeks on until now (14 weeks). With the other two, it began to subside at 14 weeks and was pretty much gone by 16, so I think I'm at the end of this stage, but seriously. Yuck! It is much harder keeping up with two active little boys when you don't feel well and have a husband who is working lots of hours for his new business. I'm working on not complaining though, as this baby is such a tremendous blessing and worth every bit of sacrifice on my part. I am so excited to hit this second trimester where I should start feeling more movements, feel better physically, and find out the gender!! We are so excited to find out this time so that we can really get to planning if this baby is a girl. For a boy, we're pretty much all set, although I must say I'm a bit tired of some of these clothes by now...

Randy and I have been working on names and have settled on a name for a girl. She will be Sylvie Kaye Biggs. However, we are not making much progress on boy names. We already used the two best boy names out there :) and most of the names I like are classic which means they are also very common and have been used by friends. We would like something classic/traditional that is not overly used... kinda like Graham. Hmmmm... I think I'll wait until I know it's a boy before I get too panicky about this, but it is frustrating not to have a name you love for a person that you love so much! Hopefully we'll stumble upon the right choice if we need to!

First Soccer Game of the Season

Jack played his first game on Saturday and it was so much fun! For one, we actually scored some goals this time. Last year, our team was all four year olds in a 4/5 division. We were lucky to score at all even though some of our little ones were really good. This year, we are the big kids and the sweet team we played was much smaller. Luckily, they did score twice so they had fun too! Also, Jack participated much more this time than he did all of last year. He had some moments of silliness/not paying attention, but he also had moments of trying really hard and got several good kicks and even one goal! I was so proud of him! Here are a few pics/videos of The Bears, game one.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Graham Singing Happy Birthday

Graham loves singing. His favorite song to sing by far is Happy Birthday. He loves to get a candle out of my drawer of candles (even though they don't at all resemble birthday candles) and walk/dance around the house singing Happy Birthday to Mommy, Daddy, and "Brubber!" Here is a video although it's not the best rendition we've seen. :)

Jack and Rumble

Over spring break, Jack was lucky enough to join BB and Grandad for a Thunder game. He loved staying up late, drinking sprite, eating popcorn, and cheering loud! But his favorite part of the game was when Rumble picked him up and put him on his shoulder! What a fun night for a sweet boy!!

Jack's Glasses

Well, after seeing Dr. McCoy a few weeks ago, she confirmed that Jack does in fact need glasses. He is far-sighted and has astigmatism. He was seeing at around 20/80 so I'm surprised that he had never mentioned anything before. I guess he just thought that was normal! Even after having the glasses, he never really seemed too amazed with how clear things are now. Oh, well. I guess I just trust that he does need them and that they are helping. He really loves wearing them and has been very responsible with them so far. Plus, he looks so handsome and smart!!