Friday, February 15, 2013

Check Up Day!

Today I took all three boys to the doctor for their well visits. Yup, that's right, all three. Same day, same time. I got called a "brave mommy" by two passersby. In my head it's usually "crazy mommy" but I'll take brave as a compliment! Anyway, save for a few growling at each other/crying episodes, the appointments went rather smoothly and we all made it out alive (even the doctor who didn't seem frazzled a bit. Helps that he has six kids of his own!) All three boys looked perfectly healthy and are developing well! Here are the stats:

Jack at 6: 48 inches and 56 pounds. Both 90%

Graham at 3: 38.2 inches and 35 pounds. Both 75%

Reid at 4 months: 26 inches and 17 lbs 6 oz. Both 85%

Dr. Garrison commented that I have extremely symmetrical children. The goal was smart and well behaved but I'll take symmetrical for today. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Day!

We had some really beautiful snowfall today and it stuck just enough to make for a great afternoon of snowball fights and snowman building!

Great Wolf Lodge

If you haven't heard of Great Wolf Lodge, it's basically a huge indoor water park/hotel geared completely toward families. It is pretty amazing really. My friend, Tiffany, saw a groupon deal a month or so ago and asked me if I would want to go in on it. So we did and we scheduled a date to take the big boys and have some fun. They had an absolute blast!! We left early Sunday morning and the drive down was very smooth. The boys were great! They mostly played on all of their electronic devices but also talked and laughed with each other. We stopped at McDonald's for some lunch and then headed to the lodge. The boys were pretty impressed with everything and couldn't wait to get started. We didn't waste much time and spent the next two hours swimming in the wave pool, floating down the lazy river, hopping on the lily pads, and zooming down the huge slides! Then we took a short break and had a snack and headed back for two more hours of the same! We had a nice dinner at the restaurant and then went to the bedtime story by the fireplace in our pajamas. The next morning we hit the park as soon as it opened and played for about three hours before finally wrapping it up and heading home. The kids were worn out but had a wonderful time!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Jack!!

Today my firstborn turns six. Jack is such a special kid and Randy and I are enjoying watching him learn and grow. This birthday was interesting. He wasn't quite as excited as he was last year. Well, let's be clear. He was VERY excited for his party, his birthday blessing at school, his presents, etc. But he wasn't exactly excited about turning six. In fact over the past few weeks he has said things to me like, "Mommy, I don't want to grow up. I want to always be like I am right now," and "Mommy, I wish I could be five AND six," and "Mommy, I want to stay in kindergarten forever." Although I completely identify with not wanting to get older, it seems a little strange coming from a five/six year old. It's not as though he's sad though so I like to think that he just loves life and enjoys this stage so much that he doesn't ever want it to end. It sure seems like he loves life!

Jack's day started out with a birthday cinnamon roll with a candle in it and a serenade of "Happy Birthday." He also had a single green balloon as requested. :) He was so pleased to be the center of attention and it was nice that it was Saturday so we could all be together as a family. He opened one last present from us, Mario Kart for Wii and was ecstatic about that! Then we headed to his basketball game where he played wonderfully, getting several rebounds, dribbling well down the court, and taking a few shots at the goal. Afterward, BB and Grandad stopped by our house to give him a gift. He loved the Toy Story book narrated by them! After that, Jack got to play some Wii with Daddy and Graham until lunchtime. He chose Poblano Grill for lunch and we all had a great meal together. Finally, in the afternoon, Jack and I went to his friend Rhett's birthday party at a karate place. He had a great time with his friends! And lastly, before bed, he sat down with Randy to read "Peter and Wendy" (which we decided would be a good read for a boy who didn't want to grow up:)) I think reading with Daddy in the evenings is one of Jack's favorite things so this was a great way to end his birthday.

Some facts/milestones for Jack at age 6:
- He is reading well!! He brings home books from school and can usually read them with no assistance from us at all. I am amazed with his improvement over these last few months of school. He is also reading his sight words very easily and adds new ones each week.
- His favorite color is still green!
- He continues to be extremely outgoing and has lots of friends. Austin is still his best friend even though they don't go to school together anymore. They share a great bond and I wouldn't be surprised if they were lifelong friends. His best friend at school is Jacob, although he also enjoys playing with Luke, Braeden, and Maddox.
- Small group is one of his favorite things. The other kids there are truly like family to us. He treats Wes just like another one of his baby brothers and he just loves playing with all the girls!
- He likes playing Star Wars games and is always asking Randy questions like, "Who is the meanest person in Star Wars?" and follow up questions about the Emperor and other "mean" characters.
- He loves to go to Chick-fil-a and always makes a new friend or two when we're there.
- He is in love with his baby Reid and although he says Graham is his best friend, he is starting to realize that sometimes little brothers get on your nerves. He says things like, "I want Reid to stay a baby forever!" 
- He LOVES going to the school store and is always extremely excited to show me what he bought- usually a pencil or an eraser.
- He loves riding his bike and has gotten really fast and in control without the training wheels. 
- He still loves math and likes to ask questions like, "what is the biggest number?" and "what comes after a septillion?"

Overall, Jack's personality hasn't changed much since he turned five. He is incredibly smart and also very tenderhearted. He has become such a great helper for me at home and is a very good leader and example for his brothers. I know God has gifted him with the qualities he needs to lead and help take care of his baby brothers. We are so blessed by Jack and love being his parents!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Reid is 4 Months!

Happy Four Month Birthday to Reid! We can't believe how fast time is flying with this little guy! He is growing like a weed and doing new things every day!

- His personality continues to be so very sweet. He is almost always smiling and loves to be social and play with us. He has begun "talking" to us, which is really more of a squeaking/screeching with a face full of animation. It is so cute and it seems he will be outgoing like my other boys.
- He is belly laughing now! I can usually get it out of him by tickling him or laying down and holding him like Superman. He loves when I use him for tricep presses. :)
- He is still rolling over tons but NEVER when we are watching. When I get him up in the morning he has usually always rolled over but still doesn't seem to want to do it while playing.
- He's definitely outgrown most of his 6 month clothes. All of our 9 month hand me downs are summer clothes and it is February so I may need to go on a shopping spree!
- His favorite time of day is bath time. He smiles immediately when he gets in and kicks and splashes up a storm, smiling the whole time. He's not usually pleased with me when bath time is over and he tells me about it!
- He is starting to need less daytime sleep which is nice. We have more time lately to go to the gym and playdates. He typically takes about two naps if they are a decent length and sometimes needs a third if they are cut short for some reason. He is still going to bed between 6 and 7pm and usually gets up once overnight before waking for the day around 8am. 
- He's getting so blonde all of the sudden!
- He's jut beginning to suck his thumb and he has the same "form" as Jack, where he puts his pointer finger on top of his nose while sucking his thumb. Wonder if it'll last?

We are trying to cherish each moment with this guy but it is going so fast!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jack and Graham!

Jack and Graham had such a fun birthday party on Sunday! We decided to have a joint party since they both wanted to do Bouncin' Craze and they have lots of the same friends. It was a big success. Both boys had a wonderful time and many friends were able to come. We are so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

Magen, Roger, and cousin Jacob
 Graham on his first slide!
 Jack with friends Luke and Austin
Parker and Graham
Parker isn't sure whether he'll slide or not!
 Graham likes speed!
 Rhett and Austin
Arm wresting? Growling contest? Not sure... :) Zane and Rhett
 This looks like fun!

 Graham and Sophia climbing
Lydia can hang with the boys!
 Graham and Sophia again. They like each other! :)
 Cake Time!

Maybe we should edit Jacob out of this one? :)

Graham likes cake!

 So many boys...

 Austin and Sophia on the throne
 Time for presents!

 So many wonderful gifts!