Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thunder! Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...

BB and Granddad took Jack to his first Thunder game. He, of course, had a blast. Anywhere that has popcorn and Sprite and encourages you to yell at seemingly random times... a four-year-old's dream!

Camping... Kinda

I decided to see whether Jack would be up for a camping weekend by setting up camp in the backyard for a few hours. We played games, read books, and, yes... there was a fire (can't call it camping without a fire, right?). The only part we didn't enjoy was calling it quits. I'm not sure who's more excited: me or Jack?


Two weekends ago, the whole family took a trip down to Dallas to see Nick and Hayley. There were games to be played, neighborhoods to be explored, parks to be visited, and even an amazing blow-up mattress to sleep (and of course play) on! The only thing the boys didn't like was the car ride.


This year, Jack got to pick his birthday locale for the first time ever. His choice? Where else but the home of the McNugget?! We invited fifteen or so of Jack's closest friends then took over the McDonalds indoor play area for the next hour and a half. Jack had a blast!