Monday, August 18, 2014

Cute Boys Singing

First Day of School

Well, this year's first day of school was quite a bit different from those of past years. It is our first year to homeschool! We had a blast this morning and our work only took us a couple of hours. The boys have spent the rest of the day playing together inside and outside, using their imaginations, and just enjoying being little boys. I am so glad that we made this decision and love having more time with them. 

I did tons of research and think I have found the best curriculum fit for us. We are using Memoria Press. It is a classical, Christian curriculum that focuses on the three R's in elementary school with a bit of enrichment in music, art, and science. Latin begins in 2nd grade so that was a big seller as well. :) Jack will be listening to the Story of the World CDs for history and all three kids will attend a co-op on Fridays called Elevate. Elevate will give us time with other homeschool friends and with this group we will have regular field trips and family events as well as periodic "school" programs. We look forward to beginning the co-op on September 5th. 

Hoping for a wonderful school year!