Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Round Three

Well, Christmas was different this year. With Mumo in the hospital not doing well, everyone's spirits were a bit down and we definitely felt a void. I have never in my life had a Christmas Day without Mumo there and while we did go visit her for a bit, it just wasn't the same. My heart aches knowing that she is hurting and I also long for her sweet spirit. We are just so blessed to have her in our lives and are praying for healing.

For the sake of the kids, we did manage to have a bit of fun. They were not lacking for presents and were thrilled with everything they received. I think they had a great Christmas! Jack was most excited about his bow and arrow set and Graham was thrilled by his new easel (although BB would NOT let him paint in her living room!) :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Round Two

Today Daniel, Adrienne, and Brooklyn were in town so we celebrated Christmas at my parents' house. It was a fun day with all the cousins baking cookies together and playing with Jaker Baker. We also each had some time to visit Mumo who is currently at the Heart Hospital. We so missed having her with us for Christmas and are praying she can recover.

The boys were thrilled by their gifts! I think Jack's favorite was his new Northface jacket and Graham was most excited about his United States puzzle. Reid seemed to like everyone else's presents and the paper/bags/bows better than his! And Brooklyn wanted Reid's toys. :)