Friday, October 23, 2009

Pregnancy Update and a Name for Baby Biggs?!

We had a follow up ultrasound yesterday at 28 weeks to find out if I still had placenta previa and what we saw was that the placenta has corrected itself and is completely out of the way! This is such good news. Randy and I are still enjoying our Bradley Method classes and are very much prepared for a natural (drug free/intervention free) birth so the possibility of a c-section was very disappointing. Now that things look perfectly healthy, we can go back to focusing on our goal of natural. We are even planning on switching from my current doctor to a midwife and would therefore be delivering at OU Medical Center instead of Mercy. This is all just to ensure that we have the best support available when I am in labor. Most doctors in this country are not at all familiar with natural birth (which is truly sad) and therefore aren't much help/support for a laboring woman who isn't drugged. A midwife is much more educated in this area. I have received so many great recommendations for the midwives at OU and can't wait to have my first appointment!

As for Baby Biggs, the ultrasound showed a perfectly healthy little baby measuring about a week or so ahead of schedule. The baby was kicking and moving like crazy, as usual, and we could even see that he/she is in a very awkward sideways position, which is why I'm feeling so uncomfortable with each and every kick! Much different from Jack, who cooperated and was head down from about 20 weeks on. Hopefully, this little one will turn and be in proper position in the next few weeks. There is still plenty of time!

Of course, we are still holding out for the surprise as far as the gender is concerned! The ultrasound tech. said he had a very clear picture if we change our minds! It felt like torture to not be able to sneak a peek, but I figure we've made it this far. It will be worth it!

Randy and I have struggled GREATLY with names this time around. We just love Jack's name and want to love this little one's name just as much. Finally, we have pretty much narrowed it down to two for each gender:

Jocelyn Kaye Biggs
Evelyn Kaye Biggs (Evie)

Samuel Arthur Biggs
Henry Arthur Biggs

As you can see, we appreciate classic/traditional names! Nothing too new or trendy sounding. Kaye is my middle name and my mother in law's middle name. I love that it is from both sides of the family. Arthur is the name of Randy's late grandfather, whom we would really love to honor. I think we're leaning toward Evelyn and Henry, but we'll see!

Mommy's Little Helper

Jack has always been quite the little helper! Lately though, he just wants to do everything himself and everything for me. His favorite things to do are: help put the laundry into the dryer (and then LOVES putting in the dryer sheet), put his own diaper in the diaper pail, put his clothes into the hamper, sweep the floor, mop the floor, vacuum the floor, put his plate, fork, and cup into the sink, fill up the dishwasher with soap and turn it on, set the table, and the list goes on and on... And even though his "helping" usually causes things to take twice as long as they should, it is very sweet and I just love watching him learn! Here are some pics of him setting the table. Notice we all have plenty of napkins and actually, Jack's placemat happens to be a napkin!

And after he finished with that, he decided he needed to wear the "mask" that he found in our closet:

And here's a little video of some more Twinkle, Twinkle!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, Randy, Jack, and I met up with the Spurgeons and the Barkers at the Parkhurst Pumpkin Patch. What a fun fall adventure that was! The pumpkin patch is family run and offers a petting zoo, cornfield maze, giant hay bales for climbing, pony rides, a hay ride, hot dogs to roast, and of course a pumpkin to take home. This was just the perfect activity for three little boys. Jack is already asking to go back and do the hay ride again! Luckily, he'll get to do another one at Storybook Forest next week. I just love fall!

We took a ton of pictures!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Some Recent Pictures

He likes to be a "bridge" and have me crawl under his legs. I've tried to explain to him that my tummy is a bit big for this game, but he thinks I'll be fine. :)

Big Smile

Mommy and Baby at 25 1/2 Weeks

We like to be silly with Mr. Potato Head mouths

Jack and Daddy Reading Books in the "Fort"

Fun Day at the Park

Jack is going to be SuperWhy for Halloween! He really like the mask.

May as well make use of the whole bed!

Cute Sooner Fan

Playing Piano on his "Stage"

And here is a video of Jack and Daddy singing, "Zacchaeus" quickly and loudly!