Friday, May 24, 2013

Small Group Kiddos

Our family has been blessed with the BEST small group. Ever. We've been "together" for three years now and the other four couples in our group are the most committed, genuine, encouraging, loving friends we could have hoped for. Everyone shows up and everyone actually does their homework as well... most of the time, anyway. :) It's a funny group because we are all so very different but perhaps that is why we get along so well. I am so thankful for these couples but beyond that, I am thankful for them as families. Our kids consider the other kids in our small group to be like family. Small group is one of the highlights of their week. It is wonderful to see them all play together and know that they will have such a strong support network as they grow older. 

Here are some pictures from our end of the year get together last night. The kids nearly cried when they found out we won't be meeting weekly in the summer. We'll meet once a month though so I'm sure they will survive!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jack's Last Day of Kindergarten

Wow. Kindergarten is in the books. For the first born anyway! It seems like yesterday that I was kissing him goodbye and shedding tears over the end of an era with my sweet baby. He has grown and matured so much this year and is so excited to be a big first grader next year. He is also excited that Graham will be at his school next year as a preschooler. We are moving on up!

Some of the milestones Jack experienced this year: 
- He napped before he went to kindergarten. The first few weeks of school were rough without that nap! They do rest but only for 30 minutes and he wasn't able to sleep there. I remember thinking that Monday and Tuesday were okay but by Wednesday he was feeling the effects and on Thursday and Friday he was just exhausted! I questioned whether I should have sent him to all day K. But thankfully, as the weeks went by, he grew out of that. And for most of the year he has had plenty of energy to last through the day and still be a pleasant guy to hang out with in the afternoon and evenings!
- He accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior! This seems like it deserves more than a bullet point but somehow it makes sense as one because that's how it went in real life. It was just part of his day, like anything else. He came home from school and told me, "Mom when we pray tonight I want to ask Jesus into my heart." Um. WHAT?! I could hardly hold back my emotion but I told him we could certainly do that. Randy and I talked with Jack that night to make sure he understood what this meant. He did. And we prayed. I am so thankful for CCS and Mrs. Ferguson as their example is part of what led him to take this step. This is truly and answer to prayer and I am excited to see how his faith matures over the years of his life.
- He is reading! Before K he could read a few words and some very basic books but now he is really reading. He mastered his sight words easily all year long and rarely needs my help sounding out words when we are doing his reading homework. He also love being read to so I cherish our evening chapter book time!
- He became a big brother again! Jack is such a wonderful big brother. He is a born leader and I pray that he uses that for God's glory always.
- He received all S's on his report card!! S stands for successful and all year there were two P's until this last report card: uses self control and listens attentively to others. I am so proud that he was able to master these skills and earn an S to finish off the year!
- His standardized test scores are through the roof. He really excelled and although we wouldn't have expected any less, it was still wonderful to see those results. He made a perfect score in New Testament Bible stories among a few other categories. :)
- He earned the GRACE award at the assembly today! How awesome to hear that he is gracious at school toward his friends and teachers!!

We love this boy so much and are so proud of him!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Starting Summer Off Right

Well, it's not officially summer because Jack still has another day of school, but this past weekend, we kicked off the season with our first swim. This was Reid's first swim ever! Unfortunately, he didn't enjoy it but he did have a better experience the next day.

The big boys had a blast swimming, having noodle (lightsaber) fights, and jumping off of the diving board. Yes, Graham jumped off the diving board! He would never attempt it last summer but on Saturday, out of nowhere, he just walked over and did it and then preceded to jump off another 583 times after that, give or take. :) It was a fun afternoon just being together as a family.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stray Cat Strut

Today was Graham's second and final performance with Hickman Music School. He has loved his time there! This semester, he was in Miss Jo's extended day class. They called themselves the chickens and they spent the semester singing (of course) and learning about inventions and weather. He played outside, painted, did puzzles, danced, etc. His favorite thing might have been pizza day Tuesdays when Miss Jo would give him up to seven pieces of pizza until I finally asked her to limit him to three!! Seriously, that kid can eat.

This year's spring program was called Totally Awesome 80's and it was very cute! The kids looked great in their neon shirts, high tops, and side ponytails. Graham's song was Stray Cat Strut but he was also in several group numbers which were surprises for us parents. I could not believe he was center stage playing a drumset at one point. He never even mentioned that! In his number, he was ridiculous. He sang the entire time but in an incredibly silly voice which most people thought was hilarious but I was a bit disappointed by since I know he can sing it well and he sang so well at the Christmas program. Oh well, he's a ham and the crowd loved it! 

Graham is definitely not shy nor does he suffer from stage fright. He's a natural performer and we love watching him shine!!!