Friday, June 27, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Champions: Lil' Knights!

Graham had his last t-ball game tonight. What a fun season! They were undefeated and won their division. Graham even scored the winning run tonight. He had a blast every week and even though he didn't know what to do in the field, he sure can run!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lake Weekend!

We had an eventful weekend at the lake! We arrived on Thursday and it was fun for the boys to get reacquainted with the house and their cool room upstairs. We spent some time playing games and then ate "the best pizza in the whole world" AKA Shebangs. We stayed up late watching the Spurs beat the Heat. On Friday, the boys were ready to hit the lake. We took the lilly pad out first and everyone had a great time splashing around. Later on we took out the tube. Each of the big boys set new speed records, 20mph and 21mph respectively. They were so proud. Jack declared himself "the tube master!" ;)

Unfortunately Saturday was a bit colder and windier so the lake wasn't great for skiing which is what we had planned. We took the lilly pad out again. Reid wasn't feeling well this day but the other boys played. After lunch they spent time playing games inside and Graham entertained Mumo with his state puzzle obsession. Later they tried the inflatable that trains for skiing but both boys were a bit too afraid to do it for long. So we ended up back at the house pool to swim the rest of the afternoon. We celebrated Father's Day after dinner. What a treat to celebrate three of the best dads in the world, Papo, Grandad, and Randy. The big boys got to stay up late again and watch Hoosiers. They really like it!

Somehow, all three boys came down with a tummy bug that hit hard early Sunday morning. It was awful! The car ride home wasn't great either. I am thankful for a husband who can spend Father's Day cleaning up puke and other unmentionable things without complaining. We are very blessed. The boys felt better once we got home so hopefully it was just a short lived thing!

We always love time with family and were especially glad that Mumo and Papo were able to be with us for the whole weekend.