Sunday, April 28, 2013

Evening at the Park

Life is good. Love these boys!!

Sitting up and Army Crawling

So many milestones lately for Mr. Reid! He began sitting up without assistance a week or so ago and also began army crawling around the same time. He is aaaaaalmost crawling for real. I give it a couple more days! I am hoping to get a good video to post soon!

Reid's Dedication

This morning at church was Reid's dedication. We were so excited that he got to be part of the first infant dedication ceremony in the new CCS Venue. We know hundreds of babies will follow and are so thankful for our church family! Reid was a trooper and was a great and happy baby even though it all took place during his usual naptime. We were happy to have Mumo and Papo and also Gigi and Hetty join us onstage. Jack and Graham also loved being on stage and were excited to be a part of everything.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tiger Hippos

Wow, I am amazed at how much our sweet little team has improved in just a few weeks! They've gone from crying, begging to go home, asking for snacks, needing a parent to hold their hand to...playing soccer. It's so fun to see them excited to play, running after the ball, following instructions, laughing, etc. I am very impressed with our coaches and thankful for their patience!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Reid is Zero and 1/2!!

The older boys have been saying for awhile that Reid is zero. Meaning he's not 3 or 6 like they are. Although I'm not a fan of calling my precious angel a "zero," I thought it was cute that they realized on Monday that now Reid is zero and 1/2! :) Randy and I said from the beginning that if we could make it through the pregnancy and the first six months, having three would only get easier from there. And I will confess that the pregnancy and the first three months maybe were a bit of a struggle for me, physically and emotionally. But of course nothing good comes without sacrifice and I cannot even put into words the joy that Reid adds to our family. I am so thankful that God blessed us so richly with this sweet one. He is truly a gift. And things indeed have gotten easier. We are all sleeping well and are on a decent schedule and I am feeling like myself again.

Reid is a BIG guy! He weighs 20 pounds (one pound shy of his 15 month old cousin) and is 28 inches "tall." He wears 9 month clothing and a size three diaper.

 He began eating big boy food a few weeks ago and LOVES bananas. He's also tried applesauce which he scoffed at at first but it's growing on him. 

He is rolling all over the place and even getting up on his knees and rocking a bit, thinking about crawling soon. He is sitting up pretty well and will probably be perfectly stable in a couple of weeks. 

He is still sleeping through the night except when he has an ear infection, like now. :(

He has his first double ear infection!! We were hoping to escape that this time but no such luck. At least I have experience on my side this time and hopefully we will know quickly if we need to get the tubes.

He is beginning to love books. His three favorites are Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Moon, and Elmo is So Big. He likes turning the pages and lights up when I read to him.

His favorite people are still his brothers. J and G like to jump in his crib in the morning after he wakes up and snuggle. Reid loooooves this time!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter wasn't the best this year. Jack, Graham, and I had been sick with a HORRENDOUS flu for over a week and had only recovered on Saturday. I seem to have developed some other illness though so I was still feeling pretty awful the entire weekend (and still am!). We celebrated with my family on Saturday, but I missed much of it because I was lying down trying to recover. Then on Sunday we went to church and celebrated with Randy's family. Luckily the boys enjoyed the weekend and spending time with cousins. And of course I am still so thankful to have had the time with family and to remember the sacrifice made for us by Jesus Christ many years ago. Such freedom in salvation!