Sunday, December 16, 2007

Photo Shoot

We had a little photo shoot with Jack and the dog, Jake, the other day. It was quite funny and we ended up with some priceless pictures. Here are a few of them...

A few recent pics...

Monday, December 10, 2007

10 Months

Jack turned 10 months old yesterday! I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. Here are some more pics:


Wow, it's been a long time since we've posted anything. It's been busy around here! Some good news- our car and our house finally sold!!! The house is especially a blessing considering the new house will be done in only a couple of weeks. We were beginning to get nervous. We should close in McKinney on Dec. 27 and move straight into the new house.

Jack had a wonderful Thanksgiving, except for the fact that we were missing my grandpa, Papo, who was in the hospital for a few days. On the following Sunday, Jack was dedicated at Crossings Community Church. It was a wonderful day to thank God for our little one and to dedicate ourselves as parents, as well. Jack had so many family members there to watch- his Granny B. even drove in from Tulsa and Uncle Kenny came from Moore! Daniel, Adrienne, and Hayley were already in town for Thanksgiving so they got to be there too.

Jack has been taking a Water Babies class at the fitness center and he just loves every minute of it! We finally took some pictures at the last class on Saturday when Grammy and Grandad were able to come watch. Daddy had to work so it's just Mom swimming!

We are getting so excited for Jack's first Christmas. We've finished shopping for him (although I keep finding more things that he "needs") and I can't wait to see what he thinks about everything. He loves the tree and the lights. In a few days, I'll take him to the mall to meet Santa, hopefully he'll like that too!

Jack has hit a lot of milestones in the last month or so. He is clapping at everything (mainly lights, Baby Einstein videos, and Jake) and he loves to wave bye-bye to everyone. He has let go of the furniture and stood on his own once or twice but it will be awhile before he does any walking.

Here are some recent pics: