Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to... Jack??

Last weekend Jack and I attended Maxton's birthday party. Max is one of Jack's best friends. In fact he told me the other day that Max was his other brother! Anyway, Max's parents lit the candles on the cake, put it in front of Max, we all sang happy birthday, and then... Jack blew out all the candles!! I was so embarrassed! But it was also kind of cute. I guess Jack is so used to being the only kiddo around (in our extended family) that he is used to being allowed to "help" with things like this. We apologized, they lit the candles again, and Max got to blow them out!

Science Museum

We enjoyed a nice day as a family at the science museum recently. Jack particularly loved the mirror maze and looking at the airplanes. He also fulfilled his dream of becoming an astronaut as you can see by the pictures. Graham enjoyed playing in the water and just wandering around aimlessly!

Jack's Birthday- FOUR!!!

Jack started his day by blowing out a candle on his cereal bars and ended his day blowing out a candle on a sopapilla. In between, he played and ate lunch at McDonald's, went to Pablano for dinner with BB, Grandad, Mumo, Papo, Mommy, Daddy, and Graham, and opened lots of presents. I would say he had a good day!

Snow Days

Just Bust a Move!

Big Smiles


Graham with Mommy:

Graham with his friend Chethan:

Graham the Fish

Graham loves water. Loves it. He is a fish. Bath time is pretty much the most awesome time of the day for him! The only thing that comes close is playing outside.

Jack the Gamer

One of Jack's new favorite things is playing games. We have all the classic kids games now and his favorites are Chutes and Ladders, Hi-Ho-Cherry-O, and Candy Land. Does anyone else find it frustrating how with all of these games, you can easily end up right back where you started after about 20 minutes of playing?! Nevertheless, it is very fun watching Jack learn the concepts of winning and losing, counting, taking turns, etc. He is so smart!


Jack just loves his Jeep! BB and Grandad's house offers the perfect terrain for it, too!