Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jack's Five Year Checkup

A couple of weeks ago, I took Jack to visit Dr. Garrison for his five year well visit. Most everything looked great! Jack continues to be in the 90% for height, measuring 45 inches tall. He weighed in at 48 lbs. which is also around the 90%. He impressed Dr. G with his counting skills as well as his monkey drawing skills. The fact that the monkey had ears and arms apparently demonstrated that his brain is progressing right on track. Who knew? His overall health is good, although we continue to deal with allergies/asthma this time of year so we're working on finding the right treatment for that.

The last test to be performed was the eye exam. I fully expected that Jack would need glasses at some point as he takes after me and I have horrible eyesight. However, I thought we would have more time as I got my first pair of glasses in third grade. Well, I was wrong. He failed the eye test miserably. We followed up with this by taking him to the eye doctor yesterday, where he actually presented worse than we even thought. His is far sighted with astigmatism which is odd considering my entire family is near sighted and Randy's eyesight is good. He demonstrated 20/80 in both eyes and will definitely need to wear glasses full time. We're a little shocked and disappointed that he has to deal with this so early, but of course glasses really aren't the end of the world. He's actually pretty stoked about it. I'm mainly concerned that we'll be paying for about 20 pairs a year due to them being lost and/or broken by him or Graham!! Anyway, next time you see Jack, he'll be looking handsome and studious sporting his new lenses! Can't believe he's been functioning at this level of eyesight so I'm excited for him to be able to see the difference!

Sweet Boys

I just love these boys so much. It's so sweet to have days like this where we can just watch them play, have fun, enjoy each other and enjoy life!

Brooklyn's Visit

Since most of Daniel and Adrienne's family and many friends live in Oklahoma and Texas, they decided that they needed to bring Brooklyn to meet everyone while she is still little. They came to Oklahoma first a couple of weeks ago and then drove down to Waco before heading back to Oregon. It was such a sweet visit! We loved watching our boys interact with her. They were in typical form- Jack was sweet, loving, and gentle, always wanting to hold her, feed her, fix anything that made her cry, etc. Graham was usually the thing making her cry, although he was also sweet, he sweetness came in the form of climbing on top of her in order to give her a big hug. We already knew but now have confirmed what we need to work on before our new baby arrives! :)Both boys were sweet though and really enjoyed being with Brooklyn and loving on her.

Brooklyn also enjoyed two Sip 'n Sees in her honor while she was in town, one for Dan and Adrienne's close friends and one for my mom and dad's friends/family. It was great to have everyone together as Toby and Jessica and Hayley and Nick came from Dallas. Also, Roger and Magen were there so we were able to see their sweet little one, Jacob, and introduce him to Brooklyn. They are only a week apart in age!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend but we were super sad to see them go and really hate having to miss so many moments with her as they're so far away. :(

Here are some pics. My favorite is the one where Jack and Graham are both rubbing their heads. It was immediately after they bonked heads both trying to go in to kiss Brooklyn at the the same time!