Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall Soccer- The Padres

Jack is doing great at soccer this year! This year is a bit different as it is now all boys, the field is bigger, and they are actually playing positions. Jack is so much faster now and is more aggressive. We took off last year due to Reid's arrival so it's amazing to see the improvement in two years. He really is a great soccer player and we love cheering him on!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reid is 11 Months Old!!

My little guy is 11 months old today. It is hard to believe that at this time last year, I was anxiously awaiting his arrival. It seems like so long ago! Reid continues to be a sweetheart. He loves his brothers the most but Daddy and me come in at a close second. He is a people person for sure and enjoys having noise and chaos around him. The big boys went to the lake one weekend with my parents and Reid didn't know what to do! He really wanted me attention the entire time when usually he'll just play on the floor. I realized it's because he likes the noise of his brothers and feeling like he's playing with them (even if they are shoo-ing him away)!

Memories and Milestones
- A couple of weeks ago, Reid took his first step! Then today he took two steps and then three steps!! I wouldn't call him a "walker" yet but he is very close. I really thought it would be another month or two because he's been pretty disinterested but all of the sudden he is really making progress.
- Reid started Mother's Day Out at Crossings on Tuesday. His teachers are wonderful and he did really well. I was sad though. :( Two days a week is possibly too much time for me to be away from my guy.
- He started saying "Mama!" It's about time! He is saying dada, bubba, jack, graham (gmm), grandad, bye-bye, so (as in so big), and all done.
- When asked, "how big is Reidy?!" he throws his hands in the air as we say, "so big!!" He says, "SO!"
- He loves playing outside. He enjoys walks and going to the park but also just likes hanging out in the backyard rolling the ball or playing with his little slide.
- He loves riding his horsie and can make the horsie at BB's house bounce all by himself!
- He is taking only one nap/day now. He is tired by 11am but I try to hold him off a bit and he'll usually sleep nearly 3 hours.
- He still has only six teeth, not sure when we'll see any more pop through!
- He hates carpool.
- He likes playing in the church library. However his favorite thing is pulling the books off of the shelves. He thinks it's hilarious when I say, "No, no, Reidy." Then he laughs and shakes his head like crazy.

Love my sweet baby boy!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hetty Sue's 50th Birthday!

Yesterday, we headed to Sand Springs to celebrate the birthday of a very special lady. Randy's aunt, Hetty, turned 50! She wanted to have a sock hop so a sock hop is what she had. Everyone came dressed in their 50's attire and we danced the afternoon away. It was a fun time and so sweet to see how happy she is! She threw her hands up into the air and shouted, "I made it!" :)

In His Spare Time, Reid Enjoys...