Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tire Swing Fun!

Easter 2015

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot!

Reid's Prayer

Graham's Preschool Program

Graham has been attending a pre-k class at Edmond First Baptist this semester. He just goes one day a week but he really enjoys that time with friends and has been blessed with awesome teachers. Today, they had a little program for the parents and Graham enjoyed performing. :)

The Marlins

Jack had a great soccer season with the Marlins! He scored at least one goal each game and even scored four goals one week! The team won every game and it is so fun to see how Jack improving. He works so hard and always plays his heart out. We are so proud of him.

Big Cedar

Last month, BB and Grandad took us on a trip to Branson, Missouri to stay at Big Cedar. It was a wonderful getaway. The weather was perfect, nothing was crowded, the kids were great. It honestly couldn't have been better.

We spent a full day at Silver Dollar City, where all three boys road their very first roller coasters. Reid was surprisingly allowed on almost every ride as long as we were with him and he was quite the daredevil. Graham and Jack liked the coasters too but everyone's favorite was the log ride. We also toured a cave that went down ten stories underground- that was pretty fascinating.

Some of our other adventures included: mini golf at the lodge, fishing, seeing a show at Sight and Sound Theater, taking a tram ride through a private park into Arkansas and seeing bison, elk, and longhorn cattle up close.