Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Latest Pics

Jack playing in his new activity center

Jack eating his zebra friend

Big smile!

I think Dustin is having more fun than Jack...

Jack is pretty cozy...

Jack on a "date" with his new girlfriend, Kate

Mommy and Jack

Baby Gap kid

Jack in his froggy shoes from "Aunt" Sarah

We're training him early- Boomer Sooner!

Thank You!

Posted by Randy

So, Jack's first three months have been filled with a lot of drama and worry. Kristin and I have ensured that our gray hairs will sprout early, but it would seem that our little man truly is getting better. He spends most of his awake time smiling and laughing and he absolutely loves his toys. Kristin and I have a difficult time now getting him to pay attention to anything but his activity center (see video). If he's in the same room with it (and he knows what room it's in) he cranes his head around until he finds it and just stares longingly until we give in and let him play.

A lot of people have uttered a lot of prayers on Jack's (and our) behalf and we just want to thank all of you. Additionally, Jack's grandparents have been so, so very helpful over the past three months. Granddad, Grammy, Grandpa, and Granny B have offered their time and energy nearly every weekend and several weekdays. And we have graciously accepted almost each and every offer. Grammy (Terri) and Granny B (Trena) will be coming down the next two weeks as well while Kristin goes back to work and finishes out the school year. That is going to be a tremendous help, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

To say that Jack has been a handful these past three months would be an understatement, but through the hours of crying and some 15+ doctor visits, it has become increasingly apparent that our little family is one that is truly loved and will never lack for support. Thank you all for your encouragement and advice. Look forward to posts that lack any mention of doctors for the next several weeks (until Jack's next immunizations). We're having a lot of fun posting various milestones* in video format, so keep checking in.

*note: milestones are defined by Jack's parents and may include anything from successfully punching a button with a lion picture on it to breaking drooling records to first steps.