Monday, May 9, 2011

Graham's 15 Month Checkup

Graham had his 15 month well visit today with Dr. Garrison and everything looked perfect! He is ahead with his speaking skills, comprehension, and his walking (ahem, running... he's fast!) He weighs 27 pounds and is 32 inches tall, both of which put him in the 75% for his age. That is right where he has been all along! The only bad part of our visit was that he had to get three immunization boosters. That's never fun and Graham is smart enough now to know what's coming so he was a bit nervous the minute we got there. But once it was over, he recovered quickly and went on to have a wonderful day! Such a brave and happy little guy!

Some recent milestones and memories:
- He is learning to use a spoon and doing really well with things like yogurt, oatmeal, and applesauce. It will be awhile longer before he can really scoop things that don't stick well to the spoon. But he is eager to learn and loves trying!
- He is repeating EVERYTHING we say! There are lots of words he uses on a regular basis, but even words he doesn't know well, he will repeat them if we say them.
- He has lots of new words that he uses correctly on his own. Some examples are: Thank you, cracker, more, banana, all done, I love you (eye-uv-oo!), down (like as a command to Jaker Baker!), Baker, binkie, blankie, and yay.
- He can do animal noises when asked. His piggy sound is the best! :)
- He is singing a little bit- mainly The Wheels on the Bus.
- He had become very ornery and usually does the opposite of what we direct him to do, but then he gives the biggest smile and hug in the world and it's hard not to laugh!
- He is still very into climbing and if you're not looking for a second, he'll be standing on top of a chair or the coffee table. It won't be long before he figures out how to get out of his crib, I'm afraid.

Graham is truly a joy. I just can't get over how much energy and life he has in him! He is so happy and loving. We enjoy every minute of being his parents!

Mother's Day

I had the most amazing mother's day this year! I slept in and when I woke up, I found the kids dressed (appropriately) for church sitting down eating breakfast with Daddy. Randy had biscuits in the oven and gravy on the stove, preparing for our Sunday school brunch. There was a beautiful card that Jack and Graham made and a present sitting out for me. Jack had even written "Happy Mother's Day" on the card!! I am so proud of him. He pointed out the parts that Graham had written too and told me that they had worked on this card "for FOUR nights, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, AND SATURDAY!" I think he was pretty proud. We went to Sunday school and had great conversation with friends and then headed to my parents house where we spent the afternoon by the pool with family. My dad cooked a wonderful meal, the kids took a good nap and were well behaved, and I got a great present from Randy- a Hobo wallet I have wanted for awhile. It was just a relaxing day and I was able to just think about how blessed I am with such an amazing husband and such beautiful, sweet boys. God is good and I am so thankful for the family with which I've been blessed!

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Jack got lots of money for Easter (thanks to BB and Grandad). He decided that he wanted to spend some and save some. We also talked about giving some to our church and he is excited about that! Anyway, the other day we were leaving and Jack saw his friend and our neighbor, Parker, flying a kite in our cul-de-sac. Jack knew then and there that he wanted a kite!! So the next day we went to the toy store and picked one out. We'll have to order the Buzz Lightyear kite he really wanted online, but this one works for now. He had a great time trying to get it to fly, although there wasn't quite enough wind that day.

Soccer Fun

Jack's team improved so much this year!! By the last game, we were even scoring real goals! I am so proud of Jack and the rest of his friends on the team. There was a celebration after the last game with bouncy houses galore. Plus, Jack received his first trophy and a brand new soccer ball. It was such a fun season!

Graham Hunting Easter Eggs

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Sunday

Jack is asking some amazing questions these days about Christ and about the nature of His sacrifice.... it's incredible to know that he is beginning to comprehend what his savior did for him and that he always wants to learn more. We actually got to begin Easter this year at church! Usually travel makes it hard to attend the Sunday service, but we all got up early and made it to the chapel. Jack wanted to be in big church for Easter, and he did awesome! He sang when it was time to sing and he was quiet and still during the sermon. We knew Easter was going to be a miraculous day.

After church, it was off to rainy Tulsa for an indoor Easter extravaganza! Jack's cousins came, so it was all the more fun.

Easter Saturday

The boys spent the day before Easter with BB and Granddad. They had so much fun opening their Easter eggs and going outside for an egg hunt. Graham, of course, was ready to dive into the pool, but we managed to keep him dry.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs was quite an event this year! Jack was very excited and is to the age where he can do some of it himself. After putting the eggs in, every few seconds he would "check on" one of them to see if it was "good." When it got the exact right color he wanted, he declared it "good" and we took that one out. Real quality control!

Graham just wanted to destroy everything of course! He didn't help very much but got in on a few pictures with that sweet smile of his!