Sunday, March 17, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Zoo Date!

The weather was unbelievable today so it was the perfect day for a MOM's group get together at the zoo! The kids were so good and had tons of fun running around together. We moms were able to relax and chat and enjoy the weather. Love having other stay at home moms to spend the days with!

Space Cowboy

Graham's First Soccer Game

Well, unfortunately I think the pictures tell the whole story! Graham spent his first soccer game sitting on the bench...crying...and crying...and crying. It was sad and cute all at once! He loved practice and really enjoyed kicking the ball into the goal but just was so overwhelmed at the game. The cold and windy weather sure didn't help so I am hopeful tomorrow will be better!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Jack's Birthday Blessing

Love, love, love Jack's school! For his birthday blessing, Mrs. Ferguson was sick, but another sweet teacher stood by Jack's side and told us all about how special he is. I love that Jack is loved on no matter what the situation. We agree with everything Mrs. Turney said and know that Jack is a blessing to all he meets!!

Warning: Mrs. Turney is very soft spoken, you'll need the volume up all the way!

Reid is 5 Months

Sweet Reid is five months old today. Unfortunately he is celebrating with a terrible tummy bug that has lasted for 8 days so far! I am hoping that this is the last day. However, even when sick, Reid is such a happy and smiley baby. I am amazed daily but just how sweet he is! Over the past month, Reid has begun rolling over. First it took a lot of effort, but now he is doing it with ease and seems to prefer playing on his tummy because whenever I put him on his back, within one second, he's flipped himself over! His favorite new toy is his glow worm. I've never seen him try to hug or "love" another toy so I think this one might turn out to be his "lovey." He also likes his new blankie that BB made him. Love this cute boy!