Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jump Around

Bebe and Grandad showed up on Sunday with a late Birthday present for Jack. It's a... trampoline!! Jack just loves jumping on the trampoline at Gymboree, so he is very excited (that may be an understatement) to have one of his very own.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Medical News

First, the good news...

Last week I took Jack to see Dr. Albiek for his two year well visit. He did very well! We found out that he is 36 inches tall (95%) and 33 pounds (65%) so he’s still a tall boy and supposedly fairly skinny for his height (although he doesn’t look like he needs to gain weight to me!) The doctor was very impressed with Jack’s speech (Jack greeted him with a very clear, “Hi, Dr. Albiek!”) and his healthy eating habits (Jack has been known to refuse ice cream in favor of grapes). He told us to switch to 2% milk (which Jack did great with) and to start thinking about potty training (although he recommended waiting until 2 ½ to really start). Jack also had to have one shot but he was such a brave boy; he didn’t cry for more than a few seconds! After that, he cheered right up! He’s getting so big!

Now, the not so good news...

We just found out that Jack has another double ear infection. He has had one every couple of months for the past year so I am now pretty concerned about this, as is our doctor. He referred us to an ENT and we have an appointment scheduled on March 3. Please pray for Jack and his little ears!

Also, when we took Jack in for his two year will visit, the doctor thought he saw Jack’s eye cross at one point when he was reading a book. I have never seen this happen, nor has anyone else, but we are going to have it checked out just in case. I’m taking him to the eye doctor this Friday for a full check-up. Please pray for Jack and his little eyes!

Hanging Out at John and Carli's

Randy and I love to hang out with our dear friends, John and Carli. Usually our evenings consist of dinner and a few games of Settlers of Catan. The other night they invited us over and we brought Jack with us so that he could play with the dog and cats (he is obsessed with kitty cats!) It was so much fun for him! Here are a couple pics:

Jack's Birthday Party

Jack had such a great party on Saturday! We decided to invite family only this year since Jack isn't quite old enough to appreciate his "friends" (although he does talk quite a bit about Lydia (Leee-a) and Ava!) The theme, of course, was Sesame Street, complete with Elmo balloons and Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Oscar cupcakes! Jack really dug into his cupcake so I think Mom and Dad did a good job. He wasn't too interested in opening presents although he loved seeing what was in them. Since Saturday, he's spent most of his time driving around in his patrol car with his new football and soccer ball in the backseat, talking on his cell phone, holding his golf club, heading toward his basketball goal. :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeeeeeel Grandaaaaad's SCRATCHY FACE!!!

One of Jack's favorite games...

Birthday Dinner at Chuck E Cheese

Jack isn't having his birthday party until tomorrow, but we couldn't let the big day go by without a celebration so we grabbed Bebe and Grandad and headed to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Jack had never been and he just had a blast! He was a little nervous about the rides but liked (cheating at) Ski Ball and playing the piano and drums. He also looooooved the pizza!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cute Video

Here is Jack playing with the webcam... He is fascinated with seeing himself!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

Well, my BABY is now two years old. As everyone said he would, he is growing up very quickly! I just can't believe it.

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I love my sweet boy!