Friday, November 2, 2007


Jack had a fantastic first Halloween! We visited the neighbors to show off his costume and then he handed out candy to the big kids. Well, until 7pm when he conked out! Anyway, the Billy Goat pictures speak for themselves...

Granny and Grandpa's new house!!

Last week, we visited Granny and Granpa in their new house and it was so much fun! There happened to be an entire closet full of toys so Jack was in heaven. Here are a few pics:

Play Date

A few weeks ago, Randy and I took Jack to Tulsa to meet up with some friends for a play date. I met Steph and Danielle on (along with about 30 other women) when I was pregnant. We all posted on a board just for new mommies due in February and it was so nice to chat with other ladies going through the same things. We all became really close and started our own private message board once all of the little ones were born. Here are some pics of the meeting of the "Three Amigos!"