Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Boy is So Big!!

We took Jack to the doctor today for his 2 month well visit, although he is actually 10 1/2 weeks old (he was supposed to go on April 9, but we ended up seeing the GI specialist that day and had to reschedule.) Anyway, Jack weighs 13 lbs. 1 oz., in the 75th percentile (he was in the 25th at his last well visit) and he is 25 inches tall! That's in the 96th percentile. I knew he was tall because he's been outgrowing his newborn clothes lengthwise even though he still fits into them widthwise, but I didn't realize quite how tall he was. I wonder if that will continue?

The 2 month visit is when babies get their first immunizations. Jack had to get two shots. The poor guy started screaming before he even got them, it was like he knew. It was so awful! He came home and passed right out so hopefully he'll sleep through the pain. He's been through enough already (and so has Mommy!)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Prince

Jack has been very busy the past couple of weeks, visiting with many family and friends. First, last Friday we made the drive to Edmond to Grammy and Granddad's house. Jack cried almost the entire three hour drive, ugh! Then on Saturday Jack had his prince party and Grammy got to show him off to all of her friends. He behaved like an angel. On Sunday we headed off to Tulsa to see Granny B. and Grandpa. Jack enjoyed the visit although he was sleeping the whole time! Finally, Sunday night Jack had another breakdown just in time for Uncle Kenny to witness it. Sorry Uncle Kenny, maybe next time he'll be nicer to you!

This weekend, Jack's Granny B., Great Granny, Aunt Mavis, and Aunt Hetty came to visit him. He has really been great and even went out shopping with them at the outlet mall. We got him some cute new clothes as he is starting to outgrow his newborn clothes. I can't believe how big he is getting!

Also this week, Jack has learned some new skills. He has realized that he can control his little hands and is starting to reach out and grab his toys. It is so neat to watch his little brain work! He is also lifting his head really well during tummy time and it looks like he's thinking about crawling. I'm sure he would love to be on the move! He is smiling more each day and cooing and "talking" too.

Here are some recent pictures of the prince himself, Jack...

Admiring Himself

Jack in His Swing

With Mommy and Daddy

With Mumo and Papo

With Grammy and Granddad

Jack, Patrick, and Jack Patrick

Jack with Nancy

Jack, Cody, and a lot of nervous hands

Jack and Collin

Playing in his Rainforest

Daddy and Jack

Jack playing with his Aunt Hetty

Jack with his Great Granny

Jack the Monkey

Ready to Tee Off

Mommy and Jack

Daddy and Jack

An ad for Baby Gap

Jack and Granny B.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Whole New Man!

Well, we had Jack on four prayer lists, three prescriptions, and he has visited with ten to twenty medical professionals; so, we can't exactly pinpoint what it was that brought about this recent change, but he has been a completely different baby the past few days and you can see it in his pictures. Jack went to see a specialist this week named Dr. Barth. Dr. Barth ran a few simple external tests and basically decided that he was a healthy baby. He also told us that when a baby has a true swallow problem, it tends to be accompanied by a number of additional symptoms (of which Jack had none). As you may recall, last week Jack had to undergo a swallow test, and we were told that he was swallowing milk into his lungs. Dr. Barth said that there was only one laboratory that he trusted to run that particular test and that the one we visited was not it, so to be sure that his prognosis was the right one he made an appointment for Jack to have a second test. To make a long story short, Jack underwent a second swallow test at the "competent" place and passed with flying colors. So, without further ado, may we present happy Jack:

Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter Bunny

Grammy and I took Jack to the mall to have his picture made with the Easter Bunny yesterday. I was so worried that he would start screaming for the picture so when he fell asleep in line, I was really relieved. I decided that as long as he wasn't crying, we'd be happy with whatever we got. So here it is. He woke up in the Easter Bunny's arms- hopefully he won't have nightmares about that moment or be scarred for life...

Jack Update

Well, Jack (AKA Little One, Sweet Pea, Chunky Monkey, Tweetle, and Silly Billy) is 8 weeks old today and is getting so big! He has gained weight at a really rapid rate since recovering from the jaundice he had the first couple of weeks. He now weighs 12 pounds and is in about the 75th percentile for height and weight.

Jack is starting to be really playful, he loves to hang out under his activity center, swatting at the birdies and he loves sitting in his swing. He's also big on cooing and smiling at mommy and daddy which makes us melt of course. He is really curious- he loves to look around and especially to watch mommy and daddy walk across the room or mimic the faces that we make at him. He is holding his head up really well and working on rolling over from his tummy to his back. He also loves playing patty cake and motor boat with Grammy. He really enjoyed his visit from Aunt Hayley, Uncle Dan, Grammy, and Grandad this past weekend. He also enjoyed a visit to the Easter Bunny to have his picture made yesterday (although I'm not sure he would have enjoyed it had he been awake!)

Unfortunately, Jack is having a few health problems. He was originally diagnosed with GERD, which is acid reflux. He began taking medicine for that which helped some but he was still pretty fussy so we decided to investigate further. Last Friday he underwent a barium swallow test which showed that when he drinks milk, he is aspirating (swallowing down into his wind pipe) quite frequently, which is very painful. We are now thickening his milk to help with this. He is going to see a doctor who specializes in pediatric gastroenterology for more tests on Monday so hopefully we will be able to figure out the underlying cause of all of this. Please keep Jack in your prayers as the tests don't sound like much fun.