Friday, May 4, 2012

It's a...

BOY!!!!!! And we couldn't be more excited! The ultrasound was just wonderful yesterday. The minute the tech put the camera on my stomach, Randy and I both saw clearly that it was a boy. The tech said, "I think you all already know, but I'm going to wait until the end to tell you." I didn't want to be too sure just in case but was already overjoyed. The best part though was seeing everything measure exactly right, seeing the four chamber heart, five fingers on each hand, etc. What a blessing to have a healthy baby. I am so thankful. I commented to Randy halfway through that this baby wasn't sucking his thumb like the other two. But I spoke too soon because a few minutes later, there went his hand right to his face and stayed there the rest of the time! Just like a Biggs boy. :) Of course we would have loved a girl too, but I really feel complete with my sweet boys and feel like I was always meant to be a mom of boys. I can't wait to meet baby Reid and see how his personality is similar/different to the other boys. I hope they will grow up to be the closest of friends! Randy and I decided to surprise the boys after school with cupcakes that had blue filling inside. Jack was very anxious to find out and had actually been praying for a girl so I was just hoping he wouldn't be completely heartbroken. The cupcake must have softened the blow because he took the news well when he discovered the blue icing and was very excited! Graham was happy to have a cupcake but other than that showed no signs of having any clue about what was going on. :) I think he's in denial about not being the baby anymore but I have a feeling he will love being a big brother once it happens!

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