Monday, August 15, 2011

Jack the Swimmer

I am so impressed with Jack's swimming this year that I am dedicating an entire blog post to it! At the beginning of the summer, Jack was very timid in the water. Even though he swam often last year, it had just been awhile and he was cautious. He did not want to put his face in the water and wasn't interested in jumping of the diving board (or off of anything for that matter!). But throughout the summer he has just amazed me. We signed up for one on one swimming lessons with a really great teacher. After just one session, he was already putting his face in the water, swimming without floaties, and jumping off the board. After two sessions he was starting to get braver even without Ms. Denise present. He was showing off his tricks to us and by now he was doing cannonballs and even trying to dive off the board. After four lessons, it was like he'd been swimming his whole life. He now jumps into the deep end without floaties and swims to the side all by himself. He likes to go to the bottom of the pool and touch the drain. He also loves trying new tricks like jumping backward off the board. Even his technique is improving, as he sees the benefits of using big arms and keeping his body up on the surface of the water to kick more effectively. He is our little fish and I'm so proud of him!!

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