Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So last Monday night was it. The big first game (of probably HUNDREDS of ball games to come). Jack's first blast ball game!

You are probably thinking, "what the heck is blast ball?!" Blast ball is apparently the YMCA's version of t-ball for 3 year olds and I have to say it is pretty fun! There are two teams of about 6-10 kiddos. There are two innings. Each inning consists of one team batting through their entire line-up, so that every kiddo gets to bat twice. The team in the field spreads out (in no real order or position) and when the ball is hit, they all run to pick it up. Whoever gets the ball yells "BLAAAAAAAST!" and that is pretty much...that. The hitter runs to first base (which just so happens to be the only base) and jumps on top of it, resulting in a loud squeak!! No outs, no scoring.

We weren't sure what to expect from that first game, but of course there was never a dull moment. Some kids forgot to drop the bat. Some ran the wrong way. One even ran and picked up the ball he had just hit! It was a riot! Luckily, parents are allowed on the field to direct their kiddos a bit.

Jack seemed to have...a blast! He really enjoyed hitting. He wasn't as excited to be in the field. He didn't seem to motivated to duke it out with his teammates in order to get the ball. But, the one time he did get it, he seemed pretty excited and pleased with himself. All in all, a fun event and I think Jack will learn some great things about the game of baseball and about teamwork in general this "season."

With two boys, I feel like this is only the beginning of a life full of sporting events and I am definitely looking forward to more!

Here is a video of Jack "fielding" the ball:

And here is is hitting:

Daddy gave a little pep talk before sending him back to the field:

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