Friday, February 26, 2010

Update on my Little Sickies

After a rough couple of weeks, I think my boys are finally on the mend! After Jack had finished his antibiotic, I noticed that he was still pretty congested, was coughing frequently, and seemed pretty out of sorts still. Even though Graham was only on day 5 or so of his medicine, I was also concerned that he didn't seem to be improving much. His cough was as bad as ever and his breathing was terrible!

So on Tuesday, we headed back to the doctor. It turns out that Jack's ear infection had returned and Graham now had another infection in the other ear! All of this WHILE on antibiotics! Dr. Albiek seemed very concerned with how bad Graham's ear looked for his age and also the fact that he didn't seem to respond to the antibiotics. He recommended a more aggressive medicine for both boys and thankfully they have both done a quick turn around!

Graham will get rechecked on Wednesday to confirm that his ears are clear, but judging from his improved breathing and the cessation of his cough, I really think he's well. I am concerned however, that he came down with these bad infections to begin with. I hope it's not a sign of things to come.

Throughout the whole thing, Graham remained a calm, happy little guy! He's too sweet for his own good- makes it hard for Mommy to know when something is wrong!

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Adrienne said...

He's such a cute little nugget! Glad to hear the're doing better!