Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Boys

I think I'm starting to get used to the idea that I have two children! Today was the first time I had to get out with both kiddos by myself at a set time. It went really well! Graham and I dropped Jack off at music school and then headed to my post-partum checkup with Dr. Shanbour. We even managed to hit the grocery store before coming home in time for BB to bring Jack home. I keep telling people that newborns are easy, it's the three year old that provides the real challenge! Having said that, the fact that Jack is so grown up has made the transition from one kid to two fairly seamless. He is able to get himself dressed (for the most part), brush his own teeth (although I prefer to help), go to the bathroom alone (although it makes a mess), and even grab his own snack from the pantry (although it makes a mess)! So when I am occupied with feeding, changing, or rocking Graham, Jack is able to take care of himself without completely destroying anything. I can't imagine that being the case even six months ago so I think three years is a good amount for sibling spacing!

Just as we were starting to get into a nice routine with Graham, he came down with an ear infection! I have to say that I didn't even know babies could get ear infections that young. It started with some congestion, sleepiness, and a cough which ended up in a lost voice! I've never heard a more pitiful little cry- he sounded like a little kitten! Luckily, the antibiotics seem to have kicked in quickly and my boy has his voice back and some new energy! Also, this "little" guy is big! He has gained 2oz. a day since he was six days old, making him almost 11 pounds now!

Jack is getting over and ear infection as well (how do you think Graham got sick?!) but luckily he handles those fairly well as long as we keep on top of the Tylenol. He wouldn't stand on the scale so I can't update you on how big he is but his three year well visit is coming up next week!

I'm looking forward to Spring so I can have some warm weather, sunshine, and healthy boys!

Jack teaching Graham "how to play"

We decided to introduce a bottle a couple of weeks ago and of course Jack had to be the one to hold it.

Usually Graham likes for Jack to hold him, but not when Mommy has the camera out...

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