Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Party #2

We celebrated Jack's birthday AGAIN on Sunday by having a party at Oklahoma Gold Gymnastics. Jack had attended a birthday party there before and had a blast, so we knew it would be a hit for his own party. Because his friend Max's birthday is so close to his (February 25), we decided to make it a joint party! Jack picked the theme for the cups, plates, and table cloth- firetrucks. Max picked the theme for the cake- Diego the surfer. So it was a Diego/Fire Truck party! They invited all their little friends and the kids had so much fun bouncing on the trampolines, riding the zip-line, swinging on the swing, and jumping into the pit! Our party host, Hilary, did an excellent job keeping up with the kiddos, even helping them do flips on the trampoline. It was a complete success!

Jack and Gigi playing in the tent before the party

Jack got a swing set from Mommy, Daddy, BB, Grandad, Gigi, Papa, and Uncle Kenny!

Mastering the parallel bars

Climbing the rock wall

Chasing his girlfriend, Lydia, on the trampoline

Daniel and Graham

Parker trying out the swing

Jack and Lydia on the swing

The pit!

Time for cake...

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