Friday, October 23, 2015

New School!

After a wonderful year of homeschool last year, we planned on continuing that same method this year. However, it became clear very early on that full time homeschool might not be a fit for all of us this year, for a variety of reasons. Jack's work for third grade was much more time consuming than second. He was still thriving and doing well with completing it, however, the time I had left for Graham and Reid was next to nil. I just knew we needed a change so that I could have enough time to devote to each of my sweet boys (and possibly a moment to myself each day). So, we headed over to the Academy of Classical Christian Studies and jumped in mid-year. We are so thankful to have such a wonderful school in Edmond and the blended model has been the perfect balance for us! The boys go to school on Monday and Wednesday, and then I homeschool the other three days, with the assignments from school. Both boys have wonderful teachers and have made friends quickly. And Reid is loving his alone time with me for two days/week! Even better, if they get all of their work done on Thursdays, then Fridays turn into Friday Fun Day. I love that we still have time to all just be together.

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