Friday, October 23, 2015


Oh my, how I wish I could stop time. It is really amazing how fast these little ones grow, and with Reid being my BABY, each birthday throws me into a whirlwind of emotion. I am loving watching him grow and each day brings new adventures, fun, trouble and hilarity. But I'm also realizing that we are transitioning from one season to the next so quickly- this is the first time I haven't had a baby in my home in over eight years! I'm not a mom of littles, I'm a mom of school aged kids. That sends my mind into the future, thinking about teenagers and an empty nest and it just makes me want to hug them tight and put bricks on their heads!

Reid has grown and changed so much over the past year. He remains my sweet boy, though. God has just given him such an easy going nature and a desire to please others. He still gives the best hugs and is aware of the feelings of others, always asking me, "are you happy?" He is sensitive in some ways but very rough and tumble as well. He keeps up with the big kids and just rolls with the punches. We continue to thank God for blessing us with such a sweet spirited boy.

Some of Reid's latest milestones and favorite things:
- He's become more shy. He used to talk, talk, talk to everyone like my olders do! However, now, he talks my ear off at home, but when he's around someone new, you can't get a word out of him.
- He's more fearful than my other boys. He gets nervous when he hears big noises, like thunder. He's terrified of some, but not all, dogs. He HATES the witch we put out with our Halloween decorations, so much so, that we put her away. He doesn't like mascots or anyone wearing a mask. It's very interesting, as neither big boy went through much of a phase like this. It is sweet though, as he likes to come running back to mama and I always welcome the snuggles. :)
- He is almost fully potty trained. We waited until he was nearly three to even begin thinking about it, partly because I'm lazy, but mainly because that's when his brothers learned so it seemed best not to bother with it earlier. It's going well so I'm hopeful that we are now a diaper free home!
- He really enjoyed swimming lessons the past few months. He especially loved when we did a "mommy and me" class which was really a "daddy and me" class. He loved jumping in, swimming for toys, and going through the lazy river. The new Y is so great for the kids!
- He's definitely my most picky eater by far. He loves fruit and most things I give him at lunch time, but dinner is a constant battle. He doesn't like to try new things and he downright refuses to eat some evenings. I am not sure how he maintains those cute cheeks!
- He LOVES riding his bike! That kid would ride his bike all day every day if we'd let him. He got the balance bike for Christmas last year and by the end of the summer, he had really mastered running and then gliding with his feet up. I love it and am so glad he's learning this way!
- He loves being outside and getting dirty. He could live at the playground! He's FEARLESS when it comes to climbing ladders, rock walls, etc. so my heart races a bit at times when we're out and he follows right along with the big boys. :)
- He likes to sing and to be sung to. He really love singing ABC's and The Wheels on the Bus. And at nighttime, he always requests that I sing Silent Night and Hush Little Baby. Some other favorites are: Playmate, You are my Sunshine, and Twinkle, Twinkle.
- He love Mr. Rogers and Daniel Tiger. He'll ask if he can watch "Roger's new neighborhood." :)
- His favorite toys are his legos, by far! He can sit in his room and play legos on his own for nearly an hour at a time. He'll build houses and different kinds of cars and of course, imagine up scenes for "man and lady" lego.

Happy (Belated) Birthday to my great big, handsome, three year old!!! Mommy loves you!

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