Monday, July 8, 2013

Reid is 9 Months!

What a fun age! Reid is growing so much and is becoming more and more playful. He is so energetic and happy and loves to be with people and be engaged. He continues to be a pretty easy-going guy overall and adds so much sweetness to our family. Some milestones from this month:
- He has three more teeth, making the total count six!
- He weighs 23 pounds and wears 12-18 month clothes.
- He LOVES swimming! As long as the pool is heated, he is all smiles and giggles in the water. :)
- He is saying Bubba and Dada on a regular basis to the boys and Randy. Still working on Mama!
- He is eating mostly finger foods. He loves puffs! He really likes turkey, chicken and yogurt. He tolerates strawberries, bananas, rice, beans, watermelon, carrots and a few other things.
- He loves rolling the ball to me and gets so excited anytime he sees his ball. It is so fun to see him interact and get so much joy out of such a simple little game!
- He likes to be sung to. His latest favorite song is "Where is thumbkin?" He also likes "Wheels on the Bus."
- He LOVES to swing!!! Jack likes to push him really high which makes me nervous but Reid just laughs and laughs.
- He is starting to get a tiny bit clingy to me. Sometimes he will fuss when I leave the room and he has cried a couple of times lately when I dropped him off at the nursery at church. That is unusual for him so I'm hoping it's a quick phase!
- He spent the night away from us for the first time! He stayed at BB and Grandad's and did great!
- He got hand foot and mouth disease this month. It was awful but the sweet guy handled it well overall. We had one really bad night.
- He can crawl amazingly fast now and he is walking really well along the furniture. He didn't walk at 8 months like G but I think he will be walking fairly soon, maybe next month?

Love our Sweetie Reidy!!

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