Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Graham is Three!!

Graham Arthur Biggs celebrated his third birthday yesterday! We all had a wonderful time loving on sweet Graham and celebrating his life. We started off by lighting three candles in his favorite breakfast, cereal bars, and singing Happy Birthday. He had one purple balloon tied to his chair since that is what he requested. He was so excited to finally be three and kept saying, "I am THREE, one, two, three!" Later that day, he opened his presents from us, Spencer the Engine, and... a new train table!!! Graham loves train table more than anything in the entire world. We have spent hours at the Crossings library and Barnes and Noble just "playing trains." I always said that we didn't have room for one at our house because, well, we don't. However, Graham's train tracks have sort of taken over the living room anyway so I figured they may as well be on a table rather than on the floor! So we gave in. He is stoked.

Graham at three:
- He is really looking like a little boy now as opposed to a baby. He has lost all of his baby fat and looks so tall and thin. He had his first haircut last month so although it is still long and shaggy, it is cleaned up a bit, making him look older.
- He is talking so well and his vocabulary is expanding every day. All of the sudden, I feel like we are having real conversations with him! 
- He is potty trained!! I pretty much just waited for him to be completely ready and did not try to push potty training early on. It worked out really well as he just sort of did it on his own about a month ago. I am very proud of him!
- He still loves to sing. Usually when we're driving, Graham will be back in the backseat, lost in his own world, singing a song. Some favorites are the Thomas theme song, Our God is an Awesome God, the Thomas theme song, God Bless America, This Little Light of Mine, and the Thomas theme song. :)
- His favorite food is hot dogs. He would like to eat hot dogs every day. Unless you count ketchup as a "food." Then it would be a toss up. 
- He is sleeping in a big boy bed and sharing a room with Jack. We moved him from the crib over the summer and at first it did not go well. He got out of bed over and over again and honestly seemed confused when we continually told him to get back in bed. Also, he talks so much before falling asleep that he was keeping Jack awake. So we demoted him back to the crib for awhile. After Reid was born we did the bed again and it took awhile but he is not doing wonderfully. It helps if we put him to bed before Jack so that he can fall asleep alone in his room. I'm so glad things are better now and we are all getting rest again!
- He no longer naps. This is so bizarre to me because J napped for three hours/day up until age 4 1/2. Graham hasn't slept at naptime in months. I still make him get in bed and rest most days for my own sanity and he does well with that, but he just doesn't need as much sleep as Jack. Thankfully, he still sleeps well at night from around 7:30pm until 7:30am.
- He cares about what he wears. He likes wearing his Thomas shirts and pretty much always insists on wearing his new Toy Story boots.
- He is messy. He is clumsy. :)
- He has finally learned how to pedal his bicycle! He has been riding the trike for awhile now but wasn't quite able to ride the bike. Yesterday, on his birthday, all of the sudden he was riding like a pro.
- He loves to read and his current favorite book is a Thomas book that BB and Grandad got for him where they were able to record their voices reading it to him. It is pretty sweet!
- He loves to play Wii and it is hilarious to watch him play! Those sensors aren't great so he'll literally jump in the air and the bowling ball with fire down the lane for a perfect strike. He is the reigning champion of boxing. :)
- Some other favorite things to do: play trains, have playdates at Chick-fil-a with Cayden, play outside with his brothers and Parker and Madi, go to the park, ride his tricycle, play trains, go to music school, play with play doh, fawn all over his baby Reid, play trains, play his leapster, go to BB and Grandad's house, go to Gigi and Papa's house, play trains, play trains, and play trains.

Graham is awesome. That is all there is to it. He is just an easy going kid who is so happy all the time. Even his whining is cute because it is usually half hearted and he's quickly distracted and can move on to something else very easily. He loves to laugh and make others laugh. We are enjoying getting to know him more and more each day. 

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