Wednesday, August 15, 2012


“The kindergarten children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources, and eager to learn. Everything is still possible.” -Robert Fulghum

I can't believe that the time has come for me to send my first precious BABY off to kindergarten. It is such a bittersweet time for me because although I absolutely love the school we have chosen, am impressed by his teacher, and know that he is smart, sociable, secure, and confident enough of a child to embrace this new experience, I am still just experiencing that grief that comes with having to "let go" of my sweet child and send him out into the world on his own for a bit.

Last night was parent orientation. Randy and I were extremely impressed with the new headmaster and were excited by the new things that are happening at Crossings via the PTF and Booster club. We enjoyed watching the cheerleaders perform and chatting with other parents, some familiar, some still strangers who will become our friends this year. We were thrilled to finally know who Jack's teacher is and were happy to find out that she is a sweet young lady, fresh out of college and excited for this new adventure. I know Jack will be loved on every day in her class! We left a bit overwhelmed thinking about all the to do's: order lunches, label everything he owns, buy a spirit shirt, double check that carpool map, read the handbook, etc.

Then this morning was student orientation. Jack has been a bit nervous about school so I was very excited for him to finally be able to see his class and meet his teacher. His apprehension really surprised me as I know I have never seen him as nervous as he was when we walked into that classroom. Typically Jack is very outgoing and has never met a stranger but he clung to my hand so tight that it made me want to cry. Fortunately, as his teacher read him a poem (at which time I DID cry, luckily I don't think she noticed...) and he looked around the room, checked out his cubby, saw all the new books, and finally met a new friend (Jacob), he slowly became more at ease and toward the end of our visit he was looking like he owned the place, laughing and playing with Jacob. I am very thankful for Jacob! Jack's favorite thing about the classroom is that there is a water fountain. He also really liked the big tent and is very proud to have his own cubby, which even has a special place to put Sally each day!

Thankfully, even though Jack didn't previously know anyone in his class, he has many other friends in the other kindergarten classes, so he will see them at recess and in chapel. He will also have some of the same specials teachers from last year, for P.E., music, computers, library, etc. This is not a new place for him and there will be lots of familiar faces!

I am a little surprised at how emotional I've been today. In some ways, I am absolutely ready to send Jack off to school! He just thrives in school and I love his excitement for learning and making friends. Also, I am looking forward to having some time to focus on Graham. With him being my middle child, this next month or so will be our only chance to have some really good one on one time on a daily basis. I want to cherish that time with him before the baby comes. But in other ways, I just can't imagine sending him off all day every day to be in someone else's care. It is just one of those milestones that you can never really prepare yourself for fully. I have spent almost all day every day with this little guy for five and a half years. He (along with his daddy and brothers) is my whole world! I will miss him so much. Not to mention the pain that I feel thinking that he may be in any way uncomfortable or scared at first. It's tough being a mommy and letting your little one grow up!

I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow to spend more time than usual in prayer. I need to thank God for the blessing of this school. Randy and I are confident that God wants Jack at Crossings this year in Mrs. Ferguson's class. I know He has plans to use Jack for His kingdom and that this experience is part of what will prepare him for that. I am so thankful that he will be in a place where the adults around him know the Truth and will model the love of Christ. I can't imagine sending him anywhere else and pray that he (and I) will remember how blessed we are and will feel God's peace throughout tomorrow and the entire year!

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