Saturday, July 7, 2012

Independence Day

We had a wonderful fourth of July this year! It started off on Tuesday evening when we received the awesome news about our niece Brooklyn, that her EEG came back clear and she doesn't have IS, the neurological disease the doctor suspected she might have. I have never felt so thankful and relieved in my entire life. We had been very concerned and prayerful for several days while we waiting and it was such an answer to prayer to hear that she won't struggle with that debilitating condition. It also meant that she and my brother and sister in law would in fact be able to come visit us as planned and that was great news as well!

Tuesday evening, we met some friends for the Yukon fireworks show. It was such a great time! It was nice to be able to do that the night before the fourth so that the kids and Randy could sleep in on the holiday. Also, Yukon's display was wonderful and the crowd was just the right size- enough people to feel like a celebration but not enough to make the traffic horrible on the way out (like the Edmond fireworks last year, ugh!). Jack and Graham loved playing with Austin and Sophia while we waited for it to get dark. They ate snacks, ran up and down the big hill, and chased each other. When it got dark, we gave them some glow sticks and that was a big hit! The kids loved the fireworks show. I was concerned that Graham might be scared but he was giggling and squealing with joy the whole time. The big boys liked to shout out, "Greeeeeeeen!" every time they saw a green one, since that is their favorite color. Graham chimed in by yelling random colors which didn't correlate with the fireworks at all.

The next morning, the kids slept until 10:30am and we all got ready and headed to BB and Grandad's for a day of swimming and grilling out with family. The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed spending time with everyone. Here are some pics, including my FIRST belly pic of the pregnancy, taken at 27 weeks and 1 day:

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