Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lake Trip!

Well, this lake trip was a bit non traditional and we had our share of crises but all in all we still had a great time. We were planning on leaving Wednesday evening and on that morning I got a phone call from my mom saying that my sister was in the hospital with stomach pain again (she had an emergency appendectomy a couple of weeks prior). So my mom needed to head to Dallas to be with Hayley and to allow Nick to go to work the next couple of days. This meant that we would be going to the lake without my mom which was very disappointing and obviously we were worried about Hayley as well. My grandparents were supposed to join us on Friday but never made it either as my grandma wasn't feeling up to the trip. So it ended up being just us and Grandad! The boys are total "Grandad's boys" so they were in heaven having so much time with him but of course we missed everyone else. Jack and Graham's favorite lake activity is... swimming in the lake. We have such a nice boat, skis, tubes, etc. but they are content to boat over to a cove, anchor, and swim for an hour before heading back to the house for lunch. Then after nap, repeat! I was hoping Jack would try to ski and he did get out there in the water and get the skis on but chickened out at the last minute. Maybe next month or at least next year! Graham is pretty fearless and did a little bit of tubing. We may have him skiing by age four or so. The only thing that bothers him is the cold water so it takes a bit of coaxing to get him in at the beginning. Another milestone of the lake was Graham having to sleep in a "big boy bed." We have not made the transition at home but he did great while we were there! There was one time that he appeared downstairs wanting to play when he was supposed to be napping but otherwise he stayed in bed and slept great! We'll be making the transition at home in a couple of months. When we weren't on the water, we enjoyed watching Cars 2 20 billion times, eating yummy food, swimming in the pool, reading, playing Toy Story Uno, playing Thomas, playing Checkers, and watching the Thunder game. We allowed Jack to stay up late to watch it and the sweet kiddo passed out with about two minutes left and missed the ending. He was so excited to be up so late but just couldn't make it all the way. Here are some pics from the long weekend:

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