Monday, April 2, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Ugh. That's pretty much all I can say about the first trimester! This pregnancy has been no different from the others in that I have been so sick and so tired from six weeks on until now (14 weeks). With the other two, it began to subside at 14 weeks and was pretty much gone by 16, so I think I'm at the end of this stage, but seriously. Yuck! It is much harder keeping up with two active little boys when you don't feel well and have a husband who is working lots of hours for his new business. I'm working on not complaining though, as this baby is such a tremendous blessing and worth every bit of sacrifice on my part. I am so excited to hit this second trimester where I should start feeling more movements, feel better physically, and find out the gender!! We are so excited to find out this time so that we can really get to planning if this baby is a girl. For a boy, we're pretty much all set, although I must say I'm a bit tired of some of these clothes by now...

Randy and I have been working on names and have settled on a name for a girl. She will be Sylvie Kaye Biggs. However, we are not making much progress on boy names. We already used the two best boy names out there :) and most of the names I like are classic which means they are also very common and have been used by friends. We would like something classic/traditional that is not overly used... kinda like Graham. Hmmmm... I think I'll wait until I know it's a boy before I get too panicky about this, but it is frustrating not to have a name you love for a person that you love so much! Hopefully we'll stumble upon the right choice if we need to!

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